COOPI Soudan recruits 01 Consultant Pre-feasibility Mission

COOPI recruits 01 Consultant Pre-feasibility Mission

COOPI is looking for a Consultant Pre-feasibility Mission in South Sudan

Preliminary identification of opportunities and definition of possible strategic positioning to start COOPI activities in South Sudan in response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Purpose of the role

The main expected results will be:

  • Identification of funding opportunities of major donors present in the country;
  • Definition of sectoral intervention and identification of the main activities to be carried out in the country, also in function of the presence of other actors in the humanitarian sector.

Main responsibilities

Institutional Relations

  • Represent COOPI in a productive manner in relationships with local partners, donors, and institutional stakeholders;
  • Identification and initial contacts in the various sectors also cross-referencing with the opinions of any humanitarian partners already present in the field.


  • Conduct a general analysis to objectively understand the economic, social and political context with a view to COOPI’s potential involvement in emergency and resilience interventions.

Institutional stakeholders and local NGOs

  • Establishment of initial contacts with official and unofficial institutional presences (e.g. governors, community leaders) still in terms of completion of analysis and in key of a future collaboration;
  • Analysis of the presence of local actors including local NGOs that can help to complete the picture of the context and possibly in the future may be involved in an intervention of humanitarian, economic and social development.

Gaps analysis of needs and sectoral intervention

  • Analysis of a working hypothesis (sector, beneficiaries, geographical area of intervention) that takes into account the scope of action of the local institutional counterpart and other possible international actors (e.g. iNGOs, UN agencies).


  • General analysis by geographic area and tools to be used in any future interventions.

Investments preparatory to the opening of the country

  • Outline analysis of logistical operations and costs necessary to start a program (e.g. registration, visas, human resources, logistics).

Expected outputs

The results will be presented with the delivery of one or more documents in charge of the collaborator, to be drafted under the coordination and supervision of the COOPI contact persons of the headquarters.

  • Discursive analysis document to cover each of the above topics;
  • Maps with geographic directions;
  • Any documents and information that may be useful in key to initiating interventions;
  • Final mission report to be delivered to COOPI with a list of contacts and any useful information to give continuity to the subsequent phases of the call and the eventual implementation of the project.



  • At least 3 years of relevant field experience in humanitarian, early recovery or development programs;
  • Previous experience in the country or in a similar region in terms of culture and social context;
  • Sound knowledge of international donors in humanitarian and development contexts;
  • Knowledge of English (excellent level written and spoken).

Soft skills

  • Ability to manage a high workload and to meet tight deadlines;
  • Strong analytical skills and strategic thinking capacity;
  • Proactive attitude in terms of planning and coordination with different actors, partners and institutions;
  • Excellent communication, reporting and writing skills;
  • Adequate resilience to stress, positive thinking and solution-oriented.


  • Knowledge of Italian;
  • Similar working experience.

We reserve the right to close the vacancy prior to the application closing date, once a sufficient number of applications have been received.

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