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Birdlife recrute 01 Consultant

Birdlife recrute 01 Consultant

Development of a special edition of the magazine “Les Échos de la Grande Muraille Verte” focusing on the knowledge, monitoring, and integration of biodiversity along the geographical corridor of the Pan-African Great Green Wall initiative.Application deadlineFriday, 16 February 2024 – 23:45LocationRemote/Outposted, preferably in Dakar, Senegal or any GGW countries(flexible).Contract4 months (March-June 2024)

ContextThe Sahel region, spanning from Senegal to Djibouti, faces significant challenges including environmental degradation, drought, desertification, food insecurity, poverty, conflicts, political instability, and inadequate infrastructure. These issues are intensified by climate change effects like rising temperatures, altered precipitation patterns, and more frequent extreme weather events. Key environmental challenges include land degradation, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, desertification, forest fires, droughts, and floods. Socio-economic challenges encompass low human and technical capacities, governance issues, financial constraints, limited access to basic infrastructure, cultural and demographic dynamics, fragile contexts, and inequalities, particularly in agro-sylvo-pastoral sectors and renewable energies.Despite the various challenges as mentioned earlier, the GGW corridor in the Sahel region remain critically important for African-Eurasian Flyways migratory birds, as stop- over, source of food and water after crossing the Sahara Desert. 2.1 billion landbirds migrate from Europe to Africa in the autumn and 77 million waterbirds travel between Western Palaearctic and Sub-Saharan Africa using wetlands along the Sahel.The Great Green Wall (GGW) initiative, spanning 11 African countries, adopts an integrated ecosystem management approach to address these challenges. It focuses on sustainable arid land management, natural vegetation regeneration, and water conservation. A United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) assessment of the GGW’s first decade identified the need for greater focus on biodiversity and habitat integrity, alongside social development, and tree planting.To achieve the 2030 vision of the GGW, global and coordinated efforts are required to promote sustainable development, integrating biodiversity, improving governance, enhancing capacities, and fostering social inclusion and equity. In 2019, the Pan-African Agency of the GGW (PAGGW) and BirdLife International signed a memorandum of understanding to support biodiversity integration and monitoring within the GGW initiative. This collaboration aims to implement the GGW’s 2021-2030 Decennial Priority Investment Plan (PIPD) through landscape restoration, capacity building, data collection/sharing on biodiversity, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, awareness-raising, and advocacy.BackgroundFor the 2023 joint work plan, BirdLife International and the PAGGW plan to develop a special edition of the magazine “Les Échos de la Grande Muraille Verte,” focusing on biodiversity knowledge, monitoring, and integration along the GGW’s geographical corridor.Proposed Magazine Structure
  • Cover Page: Title emphasizing biodiversity, iconic African biodiversity images, brief article descriptions.Editor’s Note: Purpose and importance of this special edition by BirdLife.Preface: Introduction by the Secretary-General of the PAGGW.Table of Contents: Detailed article list with page numbers.Context and Vision: GGW’s history and mission, BirdLife and PAGGW partners’ roles in biodiversity conservation.Feature Articles on Biodiversity: Importance of biodiversity in the GGW, conservation case studies and successes.Projects and Initiatives: Ongoing and upcoming projects, testimonials, and interviews.Impact on Local Communities: Effects on local communities, success stories, and challenges.Environmental Challenges and Responses: Discussion on major environmental challenges, strategies, and solutions.Educational Section: Biodiversity, conservation, and ecology information, practical conservation participation tips.Visual Gallery: Biodiversity and landscape photographs and infographics.Future Perspectives: Future plans for the GGW, BirdLife, conservation and development actors, reader involvement.Partnerships: Partner and sponsor presentations.Back Cover: Important message related to the GGW or BirdLife.
  • Preliminary List of Stakeholders and Thematic Intervention Areas (detailed in Annex 1):
  • State actors: National Great Green Wall Agencies and other governmental actors in biodiversity monitoring/conservation.Inter-governmental and bilateral/multilateral implementation agencies.PAGGW partnersAcademia: Local, regional, or international universities and research centers.International NGOs in biodiversity monitoring/conservation.BirdLife Partners and other pre-identified local NGOs/CSOs.Local communities.During the first phase of consultancy, BirdLife and the consultant will revisit these background details to ensure collective understanding and inclusion of stakeholders, representativeness, and visibility aspects for the PAGGW and BirdLife International.
  • Objective, Scope of Work, and DeliverablesObjective: Graphic development and content review of a special edition of “Les Échos de la Grande Muraille Verte / The Echoes of the Great Green Wall” focusing on biodiversity knowledge, monitoring, and integration along the GGW’s geographical corridor.Scope of Work and DeliverablesPreparation & Conceptualization Phase (expected timeline: 1 month)
  • Review and refine BirdLife’s technical proposal for the special biodiversity edition.Develop a graphic mockup of the magazine, detailing technical expectations for potential articles (page size, text and illustration space, character/word count, illustrations, info boxes, quotes, etc.).Develop with the BirdLife team a roadmap linking contributors and planned sections (articles, contributions).
  • Writing Phase (expected timeline: 1.5 month): Technical support for exchanges with contributors, pre-review of initial content and contributions.Consolidation Phase (expected timeline: 1 month)
  • Article and contribution revision.Support for digitalization and graphic assembly, aligned with predefined mockup.Develop additional content for graphic consistency and completion & paging, including cover page, table of contents, back cover, graphic products, educational content, visual gallery, partnership and contributor presentations.
  • Technical Notes:
  • Content developed in English or French; BirdLife will handle translations.Magazine produced in high-definition PDF format; pilot copies printed at consultancy’s end.Magazine should significantly highlight BirdLife International, PAGGW’s and National Agencies of the GGW roles in biodiversity monitoring and integration.Consultant responsible for content and graphic quality.
  • BirdLife as primary intermediary between consultant, PAGGW, and contributors (State and Non-State Actors).Working Relationships: Work closely with the BirdLife Africa Flyway Programme and Communication Team, and the PAGGW.

    Location: Remote/Outposted, preferably in Dakar, Senegal or any GGW countries(flexible).Contract Duration: 4 months (March-June 2024).Minimum Qualifications of key experts
  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, graphic design, journalism, public relations, or related field.At least seven years of experience in communication in general.At least tree of similar publication for IGOSkills: Excellent bilingual (French and English) communication, advanced MS Office and basic design skills, attention to detail, organizational skills, ability to meet tight deadlines, independent work capability, prior conservation sector experience (advantageous).Expectations: Produce a high-quality, visually appealing, error-free GGW Magazine in French and English.
  • Estimated Costs: Remuneration of 3000-5000€ (all inclusive) corresponding to c. 15 days equivalent of consultancy.Application: Send proposal/CV and portfolio to, CC and by 16 February 2024. Should you have any questions prior to applying, please contact and no later than 16th February 2024.Please see the full terms of reference for more information.

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