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wayOUT (US): 2022 Grant Applications Are Now Open!

wayOUT (US): 2022 Grant Applications Are Now Open!

Deadline: 4-Feb-22

wayOUT is inviting applications for its 2022 Grant Program to aid LGBTQ+ youth in the United States.

wayOUT is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization seeking to empower LGBTQ + youth to feel safe being who they really are. WayOUT believes that LGBTQ + youth should grow up feeling safe to be who they really are. Through investing in organizations that provide life-saving resources, wayOUT hopes to change what it means to grow up as a gender or sexual minority in America. The partner organizations are critical to the safety and well-being of LGBTQ + youth in the US They serve on the front lines and work directly in their communities as change agents.

Primary focus: The program partners must serve a specific, marginalized LGBTQ + population with at least 10 youth. Agencies who serve a broader age constituency may be eligible for a capacity building grant targeted toward youth-serving programs within the organization and will be asked to provide data on the percent of total programming directed to children and youth only.

Services : Preference is given to organizations whose primary mission is related to the safety and advocacy of LGBTQ + youth within their communities. Successful grant applicants will be nonprofit organizations (or, in some cases, a program within an organization) that such as suicide prevention, transgender support and services, homelessness, LGBTQ + competent healthcare and HIV / AIDS services; mentorship / continuing education, self esteem building, promotion of healthy behaviors and emotional health supports, etc.

Funding information
Amount Reques ted ($ 5,000- $ 75,000)
Eligibility Criteria
Here’s what they’re looking for in a partner organization:

US-based organization that serves youth (aged 11-25 years) from sexual and / or gender minorities
Youth served are experiencing multiple forms of oppression; eg, marginalization based on both economic status and sexual identity
Youth served are geographically distant from life-saving resources and located in state or locality with higher levels of intolerance or hostility toward LGBTQ + people
Services focus on resolving critical issues faced by LGBTQ + youth in their communities; eg, suicide prevention, mental health programming, transgender support and services, homelessness, LGBTQ + competent healthcare, HIV / AIDS services, etc.
Established access to funding but with programmatic funding needs
Organization or leader with track record of proven success
Services have a measurable impact
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