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CFAs: Small Grants for Ending Violence against Women and Girls (Moldova)

CFAs: Small Grants for Ending Violence against Women and Girls (Moldova)

Deadline: 29-Apr-2024

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) Moldova Office plans to award small grants to eligible Civil Society Organizations intended exclusively to finance a limited range of eligible activities to support the development or strengthening of CSOs’ institutional capacities active in the area of Ending Violence Against Women and Girls.

UN Women is targeting CSOs in the context of the “Ending Violence, Expanding Livelihood Opportunities for Women and Accelerating Gender Governance in Moldova” project implemented by UN Women, funded by the European Union.

Under this call, UN Women intends to support the organizational development of civil society organizations at local and national level as local service providers to women and girls survivors of gender-based violence, including through mentoring and coaching support. The envisaged grants will contribute to a transformative change to the CSOs that will be supported to develop gender-sensitive internal policies and integrate gender equality in their internal structures and will subsequently promote the culture of tolerance, equality, and non-discrimination in the country.

Funding Information

  • For the purposes of this call, UN Women’s small grants are limited to a maximum of USD 10,000 per CSO per up to 12-month period.

Eligible Activities

  • Introducing and improving organizational systems, tools, and processes (GovernanceManagement Structure and Financial and Administrative Management areas) to strengthen organization from an institutional perspective.
  • Building capacity of workforce in overall technical/managerial skills.
  • Building capacity of workforce to support stronger movement towards gender equality and women’s rights.
  • Supporting with equipment such as copiers, scanners, printers, laptops and computers as long as the cost of such equipment is limited to 30% of the proposed small grant budget.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be a Civil Society Organization  (CSO) legally established and operating across the country. The applicant may apply if it:
    • is a legally registered CSO in operation for at least 3 (three) years;
    • is not on the Consolidated UN Security Council Sanctions List ;
    • is not being investigated for fraud, corruption, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or other wrongdoing;
    • has not had funding received from UN Women entirely or partly written off by UN Women;
    • is not currently engaged as an Implementing Partner (IP) or Responsible Party (RP) for UN Women;
    • has not been engaged as an IP/RP for UN Women at any time after 21 November 2019;
    • is not a government entity;
    • is not an UN organization;
    • is not an established CSO with the capacity to be engaged as an Implementing Partner/Responsible Party (an organization could be a Responsible Party if at the moment it has the internal capacity well developed and all the mandatory policies in place: anti-fraud policy; Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) policy; Internal control framework; procurement policy);
    • has sufficient capacity to collaborate with various stakeholders: public, private and/or development partners (implemented at least 3 projects or initiatives);
    • has sufficient financial stewardship, including having adequate financial policies and procedures in place to manage the small grant (has a minimum capacity to manage financial resources);
    • past performance has been deemed satisfactory by UN Women (if it has received small grants previously or been engaged as an IP/RP before 21 November 2019);
    • is committed to work on advocacy for gender equality and eliminating violence against women and girls;
    • being a member organization of the National Coalition Life Without Family Violence will be a strong asset.
  • The applicant must be operating in one or more of the following areas:
    • Gender equality;
    • Ending violence against women and girls;
    • Non-profit organizations which are delivering essential services for women survivors of violence but not limited to;
    • Non-profit women-led organization;
    • Non-profit youth-led organizations;
    • Community-based organization.

For more information, visit UN Women.

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