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USAID New Justice Program Grant Program in regards to Public Monitoring

USAID New Justice Program Grant Program in regards to Public Monitoring

Deadline: 9-Oct-20

The USAID New Justice Reform Program is announcing a grant competition for Public Monitoring of the Practice of bringing Judges to Disciplinary Responsibility that increase judges’ accountability and compliance with judicial ethics, to verify the continuing disciplinary practice of the High Council of Justice (GRP) and its policy to ensure due process for judges.

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The purpose of this activity is to involve public organizations in monitoring the practice of bringing judges to disciplinary responsibility of the GRP and related court decisions in case judges appeal against GRP decisions in disciplinary cases; and raising public awareness of judicial reform in terms of strengthening the accountability of judges and improving mechanisms for ensuring that they comply with the rules of judicial ethics.

Program Tasks

Task 1: Strengthening judicial independence and self-government
Task 2: Increasing the transparency and accountability of the judiciary to society and strengthening the rule of law
Task 3: Improving judicial administration
Task 4: Improving the quality of legal education
Task 5: Improving access to justice and protection of human rights
Funding Information

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USAID’s New Justice Program plans to provide one grant of up to UAH 400,000 under this grant competition.
Eligibility Criteria

An organization applying for a grant must meet the following requirements:

To be a Ukrainian non-governmental organization, professional association, analytical center or another organization established in accordance with the applicable norms of civil and tax legislation, be registered by the relevant authorities of the Ukrainian the government and have a good reputation
Be able to demonstrate the successful experience of previous work on the implementation USAID Priority Development Program New Justice
Applicants must have:
previous experience in conducting research and implementation monitoring related to the justice sector
legal professionals to provide a qualified summary based on monitoring results and conclusions
adequate knowledge of the procedures and provisions governing the involvement of judges in disciplinary liability
Be aware of the functioning of the Ukrainian judicial system
Be able to demonstrate sound financial management, administrative and technical policies and internal procedures and demonstrate the presence of an internal control system that protects assets from fraud, waste and abuse, as well as support in achieving program goals and objectives.
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