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Up to $5,000 available under Fjällräven Field Grant

Up to $5,000 available under Fjällräven Field Grant

Deadline: 15-Nov-22

The Explorers Club is accepting applications for Fjällräven Field Grant.

The Explorers Club and Fjällräven share a common goal of understanding the world they live in by supporting and promoting a sustainable future through exploration and research. Furthermore, Fjällräven’s mission is to enable and inspire more people to spend time in nature by creating products that are of minimal impact to their environment and that will withstand a lifetime of use.

This grant award supports exploration and research to better understand their environment, a changing climate, and the interconnectivity of wildlife and civilizations around the planet.

Funding Information
Awards will be $5,000.
How they define field science for Explorers Club Granted Expeditions?

Field science consists of expeditions that collect data in order to add to the scholarship, or knowledge in a given discipline, bound for peer reviewed publication. Relevant disciplines include, but are not limited to – anthropology, archaeology, wildlife, botany, earth sciences, marine and freshwater research, ecology, geography, paleontology. Priority will be given to expeditions tackling ambitious research questions over survey data. Uniqueness and rarity of the data collected will be taken into account.
Eligibility Criteria
Fjallraven Field Grant – For explorers under the age of 35 doing fieldwork related to conservation, the environment, and/or sustainability.
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