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UNICEF recruits 01 International Consultancy Recruitment & Non-Staff Workflow


UNICEF recruits 01 International Consultancy Recruitment & Non-Staff Workflow: Programme Supporting Consultant



Malabo, Equatorial Guin
Humanitaire (ONG, Associations, …), Projet/programme de développement
International Consultancy Recruitment & Non-Staff Workflow: Programme Supporting Consultant, 6 weeks (Nov 10- Dec 21, 2019) Malabo – EQG Country Office,#527112
Job Number: 527112 | Vacancy Link
Locations: Africa: Equatorial Guin
Work Type : Consultancy
Equatorial Guinea has seen substantial socioeconomic progress in the past 15 years thanks to rapid economic growth in the oil sector, which accounts for 60 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) and 80 per cent of fiscal revenue. During this economic boom, the prevalence of monetary poverty decreased from 77 per cent in 2006 to 44 per cent in 2011, and the proportion of people living in extreme poverty declined from 33 to 14 per cent in the same period. However, with the decline in oil prices, the GDP averaged negative growth from 2010 to 2016, with an estimated contraction of 4.4 per cent in 2017 and 8.5 per cent in 2018. Equatorial Guinea is classified as an upper middle-income country but its 2015 ranking of 135 out of 188 countries on the human development index is low compared to countries with the same income per capita. Additionally, Equatorial Guinea is showing some low social indicators.
The 2015 census estimated the population at 1.2 million, with 72 per cent living in the continental region and 28 per cent in the insular region. The population is young, with 43 per cent under age 18. The population doubled in the past 15 years and the rate of urbanization has accelerated, with an estimated 70 per cent of the population living in urban areas.
The III National Economic Conference (NEC) held in Malabo in April-May 2019, demonstrated that the Government made considerable efforts to improve the socioeconomic infrastructure, although investment in human capital has lagged behind, representing only 14 per cent of total government investments. Children are affected by this low level of inversion and UNICEF-Equatorial Guinea is working to support Equatorial Guinea to promote child rights, assist those vulnerable families and improve social indicators.
UNICEF-Equatorial Guinea in this dynamic is moving to the end of the first year of the Country Programme (2019-2023) exercises and need to finalize them based on reporting year main results through the annual monitoring exercises. This process will show Country Office results and highlight the main achievements, allowing to highlight those areas still to be improved in promoting child rights in Equatorial Guinea.
After several years of economic transformation and focus on infrastructure development, the country has recognized the need to implement a more equitable social agenda in a constrained economic environment. This is an opportunity for UNICEF, through the proposed country programme, 2019 -2023 to use its position as a leading advocate to place child rights at the centre of the national development agenda through policy advice, partnerships, public campaigns and support to social movements. The vision for the proposed programme of cooperation is to contribute to the realization of the rights of every child, especially the most marginalized and vulnerable, in line with national priorities, the 2030 Agenda, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UNICEF Strategic Plan, 2018 -2021.
For all of this, UNICEF Equatorial Guinea need the presence of high caliber programming supporting Specialist/Consultant with skills in Planning, Social Policy and Monitoring and Evaluation, able to contribute in reporting UNICEF intervention after the NEC-III, ready to interact with Government, civil society and other UN agencies in coordinating preparation of the annual review and other UNICEF monitoring and reporting exercises, as well as actively participate in the induction process of the M&E Officer.
Main Activities:
Proactively interact with the NEC-III and the process of development of the new National Sustainable Development Plan 2035 (PNDS), highlighting and aligning UNICEF agenda in the national strategic planning document in line with the Child Rights and SDG Agendas.
Support UNICEF Programme team in the 2019 annual year reporting exercise (Annual Review, RAM, SMQ, COAR).
Support validation process of the Out of School Children (OOSC) study
Support the induction process of the new M&E Officer.
Expected products:
Reported technical assistance contribution provided by UNICEF to the post NEC-III document preparation (PNDS), including to represent UNICEF-Equatorial Guinea in those activities related to the Household Income Survey.
UNICEF annual reporting exercises completed (RAM and SMQ introduced in the Insight System and draft contributions for the narrative COAR part), including the organisation of the Annual Review Meeting with UNICEF counterparts.
Supported the presentation of the OOSC study to national counterparts and its validation process.
Contributed to the National M&E Officer induction process after his/her incorporation to UNICEF-Equatorial Guinea.
An Advanced University Degree in economics, political sciences, international relations, development studies or related education background is required.
A minimum of 3 years of professional experience in PME, M&E linked with areas of social policy, programming, development of social protection systems, promotion of child rights from socioeconomic perspective having contributed to UNICEF or worked with the institution or other relevant UN Agency. Previous experience in this area in Equatorial Guinea will be considered as an asset.
Good knowledge of and fluency in Spanish is required, while knowledge of English or French will be highly considered.
Closing Date Fri Oct 25 2019 23:55:00 GMT+0100 (Afr. centrale Ouest)


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