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UNDP announces Call for Proposals for Small Grants Program

UNDP announces Call for Proposals for Small Grants Program

Deadline: 30-Nov-20

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has announced a call for proposals for the Small Grants Program – Being LGBTI in Caribbean (BLIC) to enhance knowledge, partnerships, and capacities of LGBTI communities, civil society, and States to reduce human rights violations and negative attitudes towards LGBTI people in the Caribbean.

The regional programme has a country-level focus in Barbados, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica and St Lucia, as well as regional activities. To achieve its goals, it is crucial that the project responds to the experiences and needs of the LGBTI community in the Caribbean.

The Programme is a collaboration between governments, civil society, regional institutions, and other stakeholders to advance the social inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people. The Programme is supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Priority Areas

This call for proposal wishes to support and strengthen the capacity and programming of CSOs/NGOs to actively engage in and deliver results responding to the seven priority areas:

Employment, livelihoods, and socio-economic empowerment;
Citizen Security;
Access to Justice;
Inclusive Legislation;
Political Participation.
Funding Information

A total of US $130,000 is available for funding proposals between the US $5,000 and the US $15,000.
The time period for implementation of the small grant is approximately five (5) months, running from 15 November to 31 March 2021. Budget will be disbursed in one lump sum.
Expected Results

The potential grantees are expected to utilize grant funds to deliver products aligned to the objectives of the BLIC project:

To strengthen data/evidence base on the rights of LGBTI people and enhance the capacity of governments, civil society and LGBTI groups to address and reduce inequality, exclusion, violence and discrimination experienced by LGBTI persons.
To increase awareness of homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination and strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to challenge negative attitudes towards LGBTI people including through engaging government officials, parliamentarians, political parties, trade unions, religious leaders, civil society, media, and the general population.
The proposals received must aim to adhere to these project objectives while implementing activities addressing the seven priority areas.

Example of results that would be considered for this call for the proposal include, but are not limited to:

Improving government support to initiatives related to the human rights of the LGBTI community, through advocacy interventions.
Increasing understanding of legal issues and local policies related to the socio-economic inclusion of LGBTI persons.
Improving knowledge of the situations of violence, stigma and discrimination faced by the LGBTI community in the country.
Eligible Activities

The capacity building activities for CSOs for which funds may be requested include, but are not limited to:

Participation by CSOs in meetings with government/other civil society representatives to discuss and develop policy and processes, including, for example, discussing new legislative frameworks such as anti-discrimination bills, gender identity laws, etc.
Development of communication strategies for CSOs that contribute to efforts to address structural barriers that difficult access to human rights for LGBTI populations and/or stigma and discrimination.
Establishing a repository of human rights violations against LGBTI persons.
Training sessions for journalist on the human rights of LGBTI.
Preliminary research on mental health and LGBTI persons.
Developing a curriculum on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity for universities.
Other capacity-building activities where there is proven evidence of the positive contribution of these types of activities to the reduction of stigma and discrimination against the LGBTI community.
Eligibility Criteria

CSOs/NGOs/CBOs from Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, and St. Lucia are eligible to apply for the grants.

Interested CSOs/NGOs/CBOs must meet the following criteria to be eligible for selection.

Mandate and founding document should be in line with the activities for which the fund is being sought.
Have an established experience in similar/related activities.
Proven experience in working on LGBTI issues.
CSO/NGO/CBO must be registered.
It will be possible for a coalition of NGO´s to present proposals. In such a case, a letter signed by each organization part of the joint proposal stating willingness to participate in such a venture must be attached to the proposal. In the case of joint ventures, at least one of the CSO/NGO/CBOs must be an LGBTI organization.
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