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UN Women Small Grant under the Spotlight Initiative in Trinidad and Tobago

UN Women Small Grant under the Spotlight Initiative in Trinidad and Tobago

Deadline: 3-Dec-21

The UN Women is seeking applications for the Small Grant under the Spotlight Initiative to support the expansion of the technical substantive capacity of CSOs, WROs, CBOs, Youth Organisations, LGBTQI+, and other organisations representing vulnerable/marginalised groups, working on FV and VAWG.

The overall goal of the Spotlight Initiative in Trinidad and Tobago is to reduce Family Violence. This will be done through ensuring implementation of integrated, quality and accessible services and prevention approaches. This approach recognises that an architecture of laws, policies and institutions are in place for addressing family violence. Spotlight will build on, consolidate and scale up this progress whilst addressing the significant implementation deficits and programmatic gaps.

UN Women’s Small Grants are designed to support institutional strengthening and capacity-building, especially for smaller organisations. This call specifically supports CSOs working in the area of family violence, especially responding to the needs of women and children survivors as well those who face discrimination or marginalisation. Expressions of interest that focus on intersectional issues are highly encouraged.

Key Pillars
The key pillars of the Spotlight Initiative include:

Laws and Policies
Institutional Capacities
Social Norms and Behaviours
Data Availability and Utilisation
Women’s Rights Groups, Autonomous Social Movements and CSOs
Funding Information
Category One: Ceiling of USD 15,000 per organization
Category Two: Ceiling of USD 30,000 per organization
Duration: Up to 6 months between December 2021 and June 2022
Eligibility Criteria
The applicant may apply if it:

is a registered CSO in operation for at least three years;
is not on the Consolidated UN Security Council Sanctions List;
is not being investigated for fraud, corruption, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or other wrongdoing;
has not had funding received from UN Women entirely or partly written off by UN Women;
is not currently engaged as an Implementing Partner (IP) or Responsible Party (RP) for UN Women;
has not been engaged as an IP/RP for UN Women at any time after 21 November 2019;
is not a government entity;
is not a UN organization;
is not an established CSO with the capacity to be engaged as an IP/RP;
has sufficient capacity to collaborate with various stakeholders;
has sufficient financial stewardship, including having adequate financial policies and procedures in place to manage the small grant; and,
past performance has been deemed satisfactory by UN Women (if it has received small grants previously or been engaged as an IP/RP before 21 November 2019).
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