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UK: Barnet Community Response Fund – for the Coronavirus (Small Grant)

UK: Barnet Community Response Fund – for the Coronavirus (Small Grant)

Deadline: 09-Oct-20

As part of the community response to COVID-19, Barnet Together has set up a Community Response Fund. The fund is being financially administered by Young Barnet Foundation on behalf of the partnership. The Fund is supported by Barnet Council and other stakeholders.

Seed Grants
This fund has been running since the outset of the Coronavirus in the UK and has to date distributed £83,000 worth of aid to Barnet based community groups supporting our communities across Barnet.

The fund has been set up to allow the community and businesses to donate to a central fund that will be used to support the community effort across the London Borough of Barnet and to allow us to respond to emerging need. This fund is designed as a quick and easy way for community groups and charities operating within the London Borough Barnet to access the funds they need.

What Can You Apply For?

Small Grant

The fund is to support:

Foodbanks (this could include food preparation/distribution and essential products to support our most vulnerable residents should needs present). They will be encouraging a partnership approach.
Equipment to protect staff/volunteers in their work such. (for eg a wall mounted hand sanitizer).
Additional funding to expand your service to support the COVID-19 response efforts and adapting services to meet emerging need.
Other costs as deemed suitable by the Funding Panel.
The Main Grant

Funding may be used for

Meeting emerging need
Piloting a new initiative (with aim of using data to seek further funding)
Upscaling of an existing project with proven track record
Develop emotional wellbeing and resilience
Enhance social inclusion
Applications will be assessed against

Evidence of need.
Impact on the residents of Barnet.
Financial need of the organisation and value for money
How frequent will awards be made?

Funding will be released in waves whilst funding is available or until the funding panel deem that high need is no longer applicable. Funding is subject to donations being received. It will be the Funding panel’s aims to share funding across the Borough but use centrally collected intelligence to aid decisions on which Foodbanks / areas of the borough are most in need of supplies/support.

Who is eligible to apply?

Community, charity and faith groups delivering to support COVID-19 response efforts and adapting services to meet emerging need within the London Borough of Barnet. Groups should ideally have a two-signatory bank account. Individuals cannot apply.
An existing Barnet based organisations supporting residents in London Borough of Barnet.
A Bank Account in the name of the organisation, ideally with two authorising signatories.
Must be spent within 14 days of payment.
Terms and Conditions

By submitting an application and accepting funding from the Community Response Fund, the applicant/grantee agrees to the following;

Only one application/grant award will be made to an organisation per round of funding
Barnet Community Response Fund is open until 31st December 2020 or until the total fund has all been allocated.
We reserve the right to cancel the funding round early.
We may increase the total amount in the funding pot at any time before the 31st December 2020.
Being awarded funding for Barnet Community Response Fund will not restrict CYP member organisations for applying for future Space2Grow CYP Fund funding rounds.
All applicants must agree to the monitoring and evaluation requirements.
Failure to adhere to the monitoring and evaluation or reporting process may restrict future funding bids.
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