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Triangle Community Foundation’s Impact: Cultural Arts Grant Program

Triangle Community Foundation’s Impact: Cultural Arts Grant Program

Deadline: 03-Aug-2020

Triangle Community Foundation has announced a new small grants program to provide funding to support cultural arts organizations that reflect the diversity of the region.

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Triangle Community Foundation has been limited, most of their programmatic work has been done through partnerships. They have not, historically, offered public grants programs for nonprofits arts organizations in the Triangle. However, they are excited to share that they have increased the funding for Cultural Arts and they are thrilled to announce a public call for proposals for small grants!

The local arts sector, and the creative people it employs, enhances the quality of life, stimulates innovation to attract and retain talent, provides a magnet for cultural tourism, and contributes to overall economic vitality.

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Research has also shown that engagement in the arts has positive effects on health and that participation in arts programming among children has positive impacts on their social and emotional development. And, historically, art has had a role in influencing social change. It’s clear that cultural arts are integral to a thriving community.

Despite the wide-ranging benefits, however, cultural arts organizations face ongoing challenges to their sustainability, particularly as they respond to and recover from the impacts of COVID-19. Additionally, there is a need to support organizations representing the diverse perspectives and traditions in the Triangle. For decades, philanthropy has overwhelmingly favored Eurocentric arts, leaving a gap in funding of educational and artistic expressional experiences for other art forms. As a result, arts organizations led by and serving audiences of color have suffered. The Triangle and the nation continue to become more diverse demographically. It is imperative to invest in arts organizations that are making art that reflect the rich diversity of the Triangle and are accessible to all its residents.

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Triangle Community Foundation have a few primary goals for this iteration of the Cultural Arts program. These goals were informed by cultural arts plans for places across the Triangle, conversations with artists, arts administrators, and grant-makers, and are intended to be long-term goals that are also responsive to their current reality. Together, they hope these efforts will result in cultural arts that represent the people and places of the Triangle:

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Increase culturally-representative arts programming
Increase art in public / community spaces
Catalyze a culture of philanthropy in support of art, particularly grassroots organizations
The core issue areas for this funding cycle are responsive to the goals outlined below and have been adapted to respond to the realities arts organizations are facing due to COVID-19 impacts.

Increase culturally representative arts programming
Support organizations that have arts programming created by and/or centers people of color or other communities that are underrepresented in cultural arts spaces in the Triangle, including but not limited to disability or religious communities.
Increase the arts in public and community spaces
Support organizations that further the creation of arts projects in neighborhoods, rural places, or other places where there is otherwise limited art available to the community.
Support organizations that are making art accessible to people during and after COVID-19 social distancing measures.
Funding Information

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Organizations may apply for up to $7,500 (maximum of 10% of organizational budget). Funding will be for one year’s duration and will provide general operating support.
Eligibility Criteria

Nonprofit, 501(c)(3) arts organizations serving one or more Triangle Counties (Wake, Durham, Orange, Chatham); Projects with a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor are eligible to apply.
Organizations that:
have a history of promoting arts programming that is created by and/or centers communities of color or other communities that are underrepresented in cultural arts spaces in the Triangle; and/or
have a history of creating public arts projects, particularly in neighborhoods, rural places, or other places where there are otherwise limited arts available to the community
Organizations must meet the Foundation’s non-discrimination policy.
Only one application per organization will be considered.
For more information, visit

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