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The Western Armenian Culture Grant Program

The Western Armenian Culture Grant Program

Deadline: 31-Jan-22

Applications are now open for the western culture Grant program that will give creative minds a chance to develop contemporary cultural initiatives conceived and implemented in the Western Armenian language.

Creative expressions of ideas, experiences and emotions in a wide range of media, including the arts, interdisciplinary and hybrid forms of expression, new music, literature, critical essays and graphic novels, videos, installations, animation, creative broadcasting and any other form of cultural expression in Western Armenian are encouraged.

The program will give opportunities to individuals and small groups to create, produce and distribute diverse cultural productions in Western Armenian. “Cultural production” is understood in its widest sense to include practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills, as well as instruments, tools, and spaces in which the language is central.

Celebrate creativity in Western Armenian.
Enhance the intrinsic relationship between language and culture, ensuring the evolution of both.
Emphasize the cohesive force of culture.
Enhance lifelong practices for a sustainable Western Armenian culture.
Ensure the vitality of different Armenian communities through culture.
Give visibility to innovative cultural practices taking place all over the Armenian world.
Give more opportunities for gender-balanced participation.
Include the youth and new cultural practices in shaping common cultural environment and identity.
Create an open space for all to participate and take responsibility for cultural creation and preservation, harnessing creativity and inclusiveness at the same time.
Address global issues and interact with other cultures through Western Armenian as a medium.
Funding Information
The program aims to fund up to 10 projects per year.
This number may vary due to the quantity and quality of applications received.
Grant amounts will be determined based on the needs of each project, but may not exceed 10,000 Euros per project in total, nonrenewable.
Eligible Projects
The projects could include, but are not limited to the following areas:

The arts, heritage and the humanities.
Creative expressions of ideas, experiences, and emotions in a range of media, including:
Theatre, performing arts.
Visual arts.
Literature, literary criticism, critical essays, including translations (i.e. books, audio books, journals, periodicals, essays, websites, online presence, graphic novels).
Interdisciplinary and hybrid forms of cultural expression that have emerged thanks to new media.
New music.
Videos, installations, animations, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, phone applications, games.
Radio programs and creative broadcasting(on platforms such as Mixcloud, SoundCloud, iTunes, etc.).
Eligibility Criteria
This call for proposals is open to everyone wishing to engage in cultural production in Western Armenian across the Diaspora and Armenia, within the framework of eligible activities that address the core components of the grant program.
The program will accept submissions from individuals, small groups, as well as not-for-profit organizations and institutions.
All interested parties above the age of 18 are welcome to apply, with the exception of for-profit entities which are not eligible.
Applicants need not necessarily be established artists.
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