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Supporting Youth Well-Being Grants Program in the US

Supporting Youth Well-Being Grants Program in the US

Deadline: 15-Jul-21

The Caring For Colorado Foundation is seeking applications to support Youth Well-Being Grants Program to mental health services are essential to youth health and well-being.

The services and supports help to address acute concerns and build resilience for youth and staff experiencing disruption, isolation, disengagement, and other strains exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Focus Areas

Support is directed to youth-serving organizations in communities where youth have experienced, or are experiencing, high levels of disengagement and mental health challenges with a focus on:

youth and families of color,
youth and families with limited income,
LGBTQ+ youth, and
youth and families experiencing injustice

Funding will support one, two, or all three of the following strategies:

Increased social and emotional supports in schools and out-of-school time programs: Includes integration of new trainings, curriculums or tools; enhanced staffing to reduce ratios or create additional capacity; and/or other program supports to ensure high-quality and enriching connections and experiences.
Support for staff well-being: Ensure youth-serving staff are supported during a time of heightened stress, amidst growing inequities facing youth, and in a challenging economy. Support might be used for additional compensation, paid time off, enhanced benefits and/or mental health or other services to support staff well-being.
Facilitated access to mental health care: Support partnerships between youth-serving organizations and mental health providers; embedding mental health care within non- traditional settings; addressing transportation and language barriers; and/or covering the cost of care when coverage and/or other circumstances create obstacles.
Funding Information

This funding opportunity will provide grants of $10,000 – $75,000 for increased social and emotional supports in schools and out-of-school time programs, support for staff well-being, and/or facilitated access to mental health services for school-aged youth, with an emphasis on youth in grades 6-12.
Eligibility Criteria

Eligible entities include the following and must also meet the criteria outlined below:

Nonprofit 501(c)3 community-based, youth serving organizations, schools, and mental health providers.
Multi-agency, collaborative partnerships working across a community to support youth mental health and well-being.
Organizations currently receiving or under consideration for funding from CFC are eligible to apply. Fiscally sponsored projects are allowed

Organizations and schools must meet the following criteria to apply:

Reaching populations of school-age youth with an emphasis on youth in grades 6-12.
Serving youth who are living in families with low incomes (minimum of 50% FRL or another comparable metric); children and youth of color; LGBTQ+ youth; and youth who have experienced or are experiencing high levels of disengagement and mental health challenges.
Following health and safety protocols in alignment with state and local guidance.
Have licensure for services offered, if appropriate, or a policy related to child safety (must include background checks for staff/employees).
Operating 10 hours or more per week on an ongoing basis and providing regularly scheduled, structured, and supervised activities.
Offering services with no or low fees.
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