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Submit Proposals for Small Grant Programme (SGP) in Indonesia – Cycle 2

Submit Proposals for Small Grant Programme (SGP) in Indonesia – Cycle 2

Deadline: 31 May 2020

The ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB), in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MOEF) of Indonesia and Penabulu Foundation, hereby announces the second call for proposals for the Small Grants Programme for Indonesia.

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Small Grant Programme (SGP) Indonesia is a collaborative program between the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity (ACB) and the Government of Republic of Indonesia through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) in the Small Grant Programme that includes biodiversity and livelihood conservation programs. This cooperation is contained in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by MoEF cq. ASOEN Chair Indonesia together with the ACB Executive Director dated May 21, 2015 in Jakarta with the Programme Implementing Agency (PIA) is the Directorate of Biodiversity Conservation, the Directorate General of Conservation of natural Resources and Ecosystems (DG KSDAE). Funding support for this program was obtained from the German Government through the German Financial Cooperation/KfW.

The SGP aims to support a co-management approach for government-managed protected area landscapes and adjacent areas through multi-level co-management as a means to link the protected area officials with the local stakeholders/communities. This approach highlights four thematic fields of general protected area management, law enforcement, habitat and species conservation, as well as community development/livelihood improvement.

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The specific locations to be included in the programme are:

GLNP: Area III in Langkat Regency, North Sumatra
WKNP: Braja Harjosari Village (Section II Kuala Penet) and Rantau Jaya Udik II Village (Section I Way Kanan), Lampung

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The SGP’s overall programme goal is on “Strengthening the protection of biodiversity and natural resource management in line with the basic needs of local populations in the ASEAN region, and strengthening the ACB in its role to promote the protection of biodiversity”.

The SGP is intended for funding projects which contribute to the achievement of the following objectives:
To improve biodiversity protection in line with the interests of the local population directly dependent on selected AHPs and adjacent areas;
To improve the livelihood of local communities directly dependent on selected AHPs or adjacent areas
The Small Grant Programme (SGP) implemented in Indonesia is designed with the following specific objectives:
Specific Objective 1 Sustainable livelihoods:
Households and communities located in the priority areas benefit directly from the small grants programme, with improvements to their livelihoods
Specific Objective 2 Biodiversity Conservation:
Biodiversity threats to the two ASEAN Heritage Parks are reduced.
Specific Objective 3 Co-management strengthened:
Political and social support is increased for the integrity of AHPs and their values by District officials, government agencies and local stakeholders.
Thematic Areas

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The SGP Indonesia Small Grants Programme will focus on four thematic areas as follows:

Strengthening National Park Management Capacity. The scope of this thematic field includes the establishment of multi-stakeholder forums, the planning process, the development of participatory management models, zoning, support for monitoring and reporting as well as knowledge documentation.
Law Enforcement. The scope of this thematic field includes support for road checkpoints, ranger stations, regular patrols, community patrols, database strengthening, cross-border meetings, and training related to law enforcement.
Habitat and Species Conservation. The scope of this thematic field includes forest fire control, ecosystem restoration, reforestation and elimination of invasive species, special protective measures for the preservation of superior species, and training needed.
Community Empowerment. The scope of this thematic field includes support for community empowerment facilitators, activities related to community empowerment training, village land use planning, development of village regulations, and support in strengthening the capacity of community livelihoods businesses.
Funding Information

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Small Grants Programme for Indonesia under competition procedure for the funding of projects through Small Grants for a total amount of up to EUR 1,000,000 and a duration of up to 6 – 12 months.

Eligibility Criteria

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Referring to the PMM, the SGP follows an open approach and will invite eligible grantees such as local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to submit proposals for Small Grants and/or Microgrants for Gunung Leuser and Way Kambas National Park.

Eligible proponents are as follows:

Communities in AHPs and adjacent area/buffer zones (in the form of group with recommendation/endorsement from respective Park /Authority);
Following organizations supporting biodiversity conservation and community development related to AHPs and adjacent areas:
CSOs registered at national/local level,
CBOs registered at local level,
CSOs and/or CBOs that have recommendation letter and/or agreement with the Park Management/Authority,
CSOs and CBOs that have a good quality of the technical proposals that can answer the threats in the two national parks
Selection Criteria

Proposals are assessed in two stages: administrative and substantive assessment.

Administrative assessment is done by the SGP Indonesia Service Provider, Penabulu Foundation. At this stage, the applicant shall have the possibility to supplement the missing documents. Only proposals that meet all administrative criteria shall be subject to substantive assessment.
Substantive assessment is carried out by ACB (including the Chief Technical Advisor or CTA) and the National Working Team (NWT), with support from at least two technical experts who have relevant knowledge of areas related to the projects under assessment. The final score is the average of the scores given by the ACB and NWT.
As a general rule, preference will be given to projects that are the closest fit to the SGP and its objectives, and those that demonstrate a leading/significant role for local civil society organizations or community-based organizations.
Priority will be given to grant projects which meet the following criteria:
Demonstrate a direct and clear relationship between the grant project and the overall programme goal as introduced in point number 2;
Clearly state project objectives, deliverables, and livelihood improvement;
Contribute to conservation while addressing biodiversity conservation in targeted areas;
Use collaborative management/participatory approaches in innovative ways to address conservation problems;
Demonstrate a clear implementation and technical monitoring concept (“handholding”) with adequate technical specifications and clearly defined roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders;
Clearly mitigate main threats to the habitats and biodiversity of the protected area;
Demonstrate direct impacts on AHP bio-diversity and long-term ecological sustainability;
Demonstrate best practice in the implementation of activities and model approaches which have potential to be scaled up;
Demonstrate a clear strategy for the sustainability of funded items, such as maintenance and management concept; financial and social sustainability;
Establish appropriate costs for grant activities;
Clear, logical relationship between the problem statement, the objective of the project, and the conservation and livelihood activities proposed.
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