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San Francisco Artist Grant (SFA) Program – United States

San Francisco Artist Grant (SFA) Program – United States

Deadline: 15-Dec-20

San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) is seeking applications for the San Francisco Artist Grant.

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San Francisco Artist Grants (formerly Individual Artist Commission/IAC) are for individual artists and fund works of art in all disciplines made by artists living in San Francisco. Artist projects and the majority of activities must take place in San Francisco and benefit a San Francisco audience.

The San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) is committed to creating a city where all artists and cultural workers have the freedom, resources and platform to share their stories, art and culture and where race does not predetermine ones success in life.

Priority funding goes to artists that are deeply rooted in and reflective of communities listed in the Arts Commissions 1993 Cultural Equity Endowment Legislation and informed by current best practices in racial equity. These communities include: African and African American; Latinx; Asian and Asian American; Arab; Native American; Pacific Islander; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer; Transgender and Gender Variant People; People with Disabilities; and Women.

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Funding Information

Amount: Up to $20,000

Project Requirements

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New Work: The project proposal must include work made by the artist during the grant cycle. Only activities scheduled during the grant cycle are eligible for funding.
Public Event: An in-person event or a virtual event open to the public and benefiting a San Francisco audience during the grant cycle is required. The artist must identify the publicly accessible in-person or virtual space in their application.
Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must be a continuous resident of San Francisco since December 2018 (two years). Documentation demonstrating San Francisco residency must be submitted with the application.
The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
The applicant must have held two publicly accessible activities or events in San Francisco between December 2018 and December 2020. One public event can have been presented online or in a virtual platform if it took place after March 16, 2020, and the primary intended audience was San Francisco residents.
The applicant may be in any phase of their artistic career.
The applicant cannot be enrolled as a full-time student at the time of the application or during the grant period.
The applicant must be willing and able to meet the requirements associated with receiving funds from the City and County of San Francisco. In order to receive a grant payment from the San Francisco Arts Commission, you must become a registered, compliant supplier and meet the City and County of San Francisco’s insurance, business tax and equal benefits requirements.
Fiscal Sponsors

If the applicant plans to use a fiscal sponsor, a contractual arrangement between the artist and the fiscal sponsor must be confirmed prior to the San Francisco Arts Commission’s application process. NEW: Organizations may not act as a fiscal sponsor for employees or artists contracted by that organization; a third party fiscal sponsor is required.
Fiscal Sponsors must be based in San Francisco and register as a compliant City supplier.
Applicant cannot retroactively work with or change fiscal sponsorship after a grant is approved for funding.
If an applicant is approved for funding, the fiscal sponsor is the legal grantee and fiscal receiver, and the artist is the sub-grantee.
The fiscal sponsor and applicant are required to work together to complete and submit financial documentation of the disbursement of funds with the grant’s final report.
Copyright: If the applicant is approved for funding, the fiscal sponsor (legal grantee) and the artist (sub-grantee) must decide who will hold the copyright to any materials or work created during the grant window. This should be discussed and relayed to the Arts Commission in advance of a grant contract being executed.
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