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Ozark Society Foundation Youth Environmental Engagement Grant (United States)

Ozark Society Foundation Youth Environmental Engagement Grant (United States)

Deadline: 19-Sep-20

The Ozark Society Foundation (OSF) is soliciting proposals for a Youth Engagement Grant to local organizations that are working with students in environmental and conservation efforts. Grants will go to organizations that encourage students to engage environmental awareness and conservation in the Ozark and/or Ouachita region. OSF wants to see projects that start with the community and start with the young people.

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The Ozark Society Foundation was subsequently formed in 1976 to support other publications on the natural environment and to further promote the Ozark Society’s aims of Conservation, Education and Recreation. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization created for “charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes” in the pursuit of the conservation and preservation of natural resources.

These funds may not be used for administrative operating expenses, including but not limited to postage, billing, computer software or systems; rentals; paper goods; food/beverages or social functions. Direct costs, such as paying teaching staff is permitted only for nonprofits. Projects should actively engage students in conservation efforts that have tangible outcomes


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Areas of Focus

Grants are not limited to these areas of focus but we are interested in funding these types of projects:

Preservation of Wild Spaces
Conservation of Natural Resources
Water Quality
Native Plants
Enhancing Access to Nature
Green Infrastructure
Community Garden
Sustainability Focused Community Art
Funding Information

Deadline Free Grants
Funds will range between $500 and $2000

Grant Requirements

All grant projects should align with the Ozark Society’ mission: Their principal purpose is the preservation of wild and scenic rivers, wilderness, and unique natural areas.

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All grant projects should engage youth in some way.
Applicants should be associated with a 501c3 organization or an accredited K-12 school (Checks will not be made out to individuals.)
Only organizations based in Arkansas, Oklahoma, or Missouri can apply with projects based in the Ozark or Ouachita eco-region.
Preferences will go to:

Projects that include hands-on learning, service projects, and/or tangible outcomes. OSF wants to see active engagement, not passive learning.
Nonprofits who had experienced an interruption to their revenue stream due to the pandemic
Small nonprofits with under 25 (FTE) employees or an annual budget of less than $500,000
Organizations with a mission that is based in the Ozarks or in Arkansas
Organizations that are NOT funded by county, state, or federal government
Projects that engage students in lasting conservation efforts that will have long term outcomes
Projects that serve marginalized communities, low income families, communities of color, and diverse ethnic groups.
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