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National Arts Council: Creation Grant Program (Singapore)

National Arts Council: Creation Grant Program (Singapore)

Deadline: 13-May-22

The National Arts Council (NAC) has launched the Creation Grant program to support the creation, adaptation and re-development of distinctive artistic content.

Through a rigorous creation process, they seek to expand the canon of works that engage audiences at home and abroad.

The Creation Grant for the Literary Arts is an investment in the creation of a work of both high literary merit and readership appeal. To help writers achieve this, a residency stint and editorial consultancy, while optional, are potentially supportable as part of the Creation Grant:

Editorial Consultancy (Strongly recommended)
Recipients are encouraged to appoint an editor at the start of the writing process and/or after their first draft is completed. Editors are expected to play a developmental role, functioning as a sounding board throughout the writing process. You may either work with an editor identified by NAC or with your choice of an editor (subject to approval).
Genres Supported
Creative/Literary Non-Fiction (including literary biographies, memoirs, essays on ideas, culture and the arts, etc.)
Young Adult Literature
Graphic Novel
Funding Information
The grant is capped at $50,000 per applicant and covers direct expenses of the creation and developmental process. Funding is prioritized towards proposals with effective national, and preferably international, marketing and distribution plans.

What does it cover?
The grant supports the creation process of performing, visual, literary, digital and multi-disciplinary art forms for up to 18 months, including:
The creation of original new works.
The adaptation and redevelopment of works across artistic disciplines (e.g. from book to musical), or across other media to the arts (e.g. from film to play with priority given to the adaptation of Singapore content.
Translating Singapore works by authors of established literary merit (preferably Asian) into any of Singapore’s national languages. Priority will be given to translating Singapore works into Singapore’s official languages.
For the 2022 cycle, projects with strong use of digital technology as part of their creation process and/or as a platform to present its mini-showcase will be prioritized for funding under the Creation Grant.
Eligibility Criteria
Individuals who are Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents (PRs), preferably residing in Singapore and actively contributing to the local arts scene (e.g. artists, collectives, performers, writers, presenters, curators, producers, impresarios, dramaturges and other people working in the arts).
For collaborative projects, the lead applicant must be Singapore citizen or PR, and must assume full administrative, legal and financial responsibility and must play a key role in the conceptualization and creation process.
All co-applicants should also have a strong track record. Proposals that involve collaborations with foreigners are eligible. Priority will be given to applications where at least 50% of the artistic team is Singaporean or PR.
The Creation Grant is for artists with a strong track record of artistic achievement and production.
NAC will not be able to support your application if you:

Are a group
Constituted for non-secular purposes.
Currently receiving funding under NAC’s Seed Grant scheme.
Are proposing a project that
Has already commenced prior to the time of application.
Does not have a clearly defined arts component, including projects primarily aimed at promoting religious causes.
Is currently receiving funding under NAC’s Major Company and Seed Grant schemes.
Is held at a religious venue.
Is not intended for public consumption.
Is intended for fundraising purposes.
Is presented under the auspices of a school or tertiary institution, or is part of its curriculum.
Is intended for academic purposes.
(Where relevant) is unable to obtain an Arts Entertainment License.
Have pending / outstanding
Evaluation reports on the use of previous grants from NAC;
Debts with NAC (you are eligible to apply once you have cleared your outstanding debts).
If you / any of your collaborators:
Have been awarded the Creation Grant8 3 times within 5 financial years (FYs) of the first award.
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