Grant Opportunities

Mophradat’s Grants for Artists in Arab Region

Mophradat’s Grants for Artists in Arab Region

Deadline: 1-Apr-21

The Mophradat is seeking applications for its Grants for Artists program to support artists (individuals, collaborations, or collectives) to develop their practice.

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This program is specially directed to those inventing new forms of creating and sharing arts knowledge with others, and for those aiming to question the current arts making paradigm; therefore they encourage eccentric and critical proposals challenging traditional arts genres and discourses.

Among other activities, the grants can be used to pursue threads of research, stage an event, make new work, publish, travel, take part in a residency or workshop, organize meetings and gatherings, or present an exhibition or performance. The grants can cover part or all of the proposed activity or project.

Funding Information

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Between fifteen and thirty grants are awarded each calendar year depending on the available budget, with a maximum amount of US$5,000 per grant.
Eligibility Criteria

General Criteria:
Be complete (all documents requested are submitted);
Be related to a field of contemporary arts (all disciplines are welcome);
Be for a contemporary arts activity or project by artists or other arts practitioners from or living in the Arab world, or be relevant to the region;
Be realized by professional artists and/or other arts practitioners (such as curators, critics, writers, etc.) who have been active in their field for a number of years;
Be ambitious and demonstrate an awareness of artistic concerns;
Involve no commercial activity or organization;
Be devoid of any intention to promote intolerance, violence, patriarchal worldviews, or any form of discrimination based on ability, age, gender, nationality, origin, race, religion, or sexuality;
Not work against Mophradat’s mission and values;
Meet the specific criteria related to the specific open call.
Specific Criteria:
The proposal must be achievable and completed within twelve months of the grant submission deadline;
Production and post-production for feature films are not eligible;
Applications to attend degree-based study programs (such as MAs or PhDs) are out of the grant program’s scope and will not be considered;
Aiming for balanced professional relationships, Mophradat does not support applications to cover the costs and fees of artists invited to run a workshop, administer, or curate projects in Europe or North America that fall under categories of (temporary) employment in those contexts, and should be covered by those hosts’ institutional budgets.
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