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L’UNICEF recrute 01 Consultancy for the Regional Donor Report Quality Assessment

L’UNICEF recrute 01 Consultancy for the Regional Donor Report Quality Assessment

Entreprise/Structure: UNICEF
Ville, Pays: Dakar, Senegal

Expériences professionnelles demandées: 8 ans
Date limite de dépôt de dossier: 16-06-2018
Publié le 06/06/2018 à 14h11min30s

Détails de l’offre:

UNICEF Dakar Regional Office – Consultancy for the Regional Donor Report Quality Assessment
Job Number: 513642 | Vacancy Link
Locations: Africa: Senegal
Work Type : Consultancy
1. Background and Justification
 UNICEF WCARO is seeking the services of an individual contractor/consultant to carry out an independent assessment of the quality of 2016 and 2017 Country Office (CO) and Regional Office (RO) donor reports. The exercise will involve a review of a sample of the 2016 and 2017 donor reports submitted by all 24 Country Offices and the Regional Office, and provide concrete recommendations for stronger and more consistent donor reports in the region.
In 2016 and 2017, offices in West and Central Africa Region (WCAR) collectively submitted a total of 1,831 donor reports  to public, private (including UNICEF National Committees) and multi-sector donors.  Inadequate reporting of results and late submission of reports are major risks to UNICEF’s reputation, good relationship with donors, and successful fundraising.
Due to the importance of high quality reporting, the Office of Internal Audit recommended in May 2007 that all Regional Offices exercise a greater role in oversight and quality assurance of donor reports. The UNICEF Programme Policy Procedure (PPP), notes that as part of the oversight function, “ROs are responsible for monitoring and undertaking a sample assessment of CO reporting performance” and that undertaking an independent annual Quality Assurance Review of donor reports is a best practice in the area of reporting to donors and ROs are encouraged to undertake similar reviews.
In compliance with this recommendation, WCARO has been conducting quality assurance exercises of donor report since 2010 and most recently in 2016 involving donor reports submitted in 2014. The 2018 exercise is part of the WCARO PPME section’s 2018-19 rolling work plan, and relates to the deliverable on ensuring that all WCAR documents are edited, quality assured and submitted on time.
2. Scope of Work
Goal and Objective:  Under the overall guidance of the Chief of Programme and Planning in WCARO, the consultant will be responsible for assessing the quality of sample donor reports against a set of quality criteria (See Annex) and providing practical recommendations for improving the quality of donor reports in the region.
Furthermore, this exercise aims at improving the overall capacity of Country Offices and Regional Office in writing donor reports and identify area for further improvements in the area of “Donor Reporting and Contribution Management”.
2.1. Activities and Tasks:
Phase I (1st two weeks of June): Start of review
• Consultant to review the methodology, tools and sample for the exercise, including review of UNICEF corporate guidance, tools and best practices on donor reporting and quality assessments, and produce outline of the report.
• WCARO to share report package consisting of narrative donor report, proposal, fund utilization report(s), and if applicable, i.e. National Committee reports, Human Interest Stories or visibility information, selected from random sampling.
• Consultant to review sample of 60 reports (at least one from each Office and 4 for big countries) based on sampling results provided by WCARO, taken into consideration donors’ profiles.
Phase II (By end July):  Assessment of reports using checklist:
• Undertake an assessment of the donor reports using the checklist and produce ratings and any relevant comments for each report.
Phase III (End-August): Final synthesis report with annexes including checklists
• Produce a synthesis report including background, purpose of review, trends in terms of quality in the region comparing previous years’ assessments, and summarizing findings and proposing recommendations for Regional Office and Country Offices including suggestions on internal quality assurance mechanisms.
• A one pager summary feedback on each report is provided to respective offices.
22. Work relationships:
• The consultant will work independently and will be home based.
• It is expected that most of the interaction between WCARO and the consultant will be by email/skype or phone calls as appropriate.
• The consultant will report to the Chief of Programme and Planning in the PPME section.
3. Deliverables, duration, Timelines and Payment
Update tool and methodology for the assessment and outline of the final report.
Prepare assessment sheet for each donor report reviewed and country summary.
Prepare final synthesis report with Executive Summary, summarizing trends, strengths (good practices), weaknesses of reports and recommendations. The report should be easy to read, with appropriate graphs and tables summarizing trends and review results and highlight good practices from different Country Offices (e.g. Boxes with examples).
Prepare a one pager summary feedback for each report, including best features of the reports and areas for improvement.
Prepare a PPT to summarize the key findings.
3.1. Deliverables
Outline of the report based on approved tools and methodology for the assessment.
Assessment sheet for each donor report and country summary.
Draft synthesis report and one pagers
Final synthesis report with Annexes (including assessment sheets and country summary)
One pager for each report
Summary PPT presentation
3.2. Duration (Estimated # of days): 40 days
3.3. Timeline/Deadline Payment
15 June (1st Draft Report)
30 July
30 August (Final Report)
3.4. Payment: 100% upon completion of final synthesis report and checklists
Additional guidance:
All reports should be in line with the UNICEF Writing Style Guide, Branding Guidelines as well as the WCARO branding templates.
It is expected that for finalizing the report, interactions are made by the consultant based on WCARO feedback during a 1-2-week period until the report is finalized.  The final report will be cleared by the PME section.
4. Payment Schedule
Total working days for the consultancy: 45 days (non-consecutive)
Fees: to be established based on the best value-for-money offer
Payment schedule: The payment is upon satisfactory completion of the deliverables agreed. See above table on deliverables.
5. Desired competencies, technical background and experience
Advanced degree in the area of communication/resource mobilization/development and similar field.
Work experience:
Minimum height (8) years of progressively responsible relevant work experience in writing/editing and layout of reports and publications. Previous experience with UNICEF donor reports and proposal writing a plus.
Knowledge and capacity to provide high quality reports in line with the UNICEF writing style, branding and reporting guidelines.
Excellent writing and analytical skills, with a proven ability to absorb, analyze and synthesize a large amount of qualitative and quantitative information in a short amount of time.
Good knowledge of development and programme issues, especially with children’ issues and UNICEF’s work.
Geographic knowledge of West and Central Africa Region is highly desired.
Fluency in English and French is required.
Communicates effectively to varied audiences, including during formal public speaking.
Able to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment.
Sets high standards for quality of work and consistently achieves project goals.
Other competencies:
Working with people
Drive for results
Applying Technical Expertise
6. Administrative issues
The consultant should perform the work using own resources (e.g. computer, internet connection) and UNICEF will not provide working space.
The work can be performed remotely/home-based.
7. Conditions
The candidate selected will be governed by and subject to UNICEF’s General Terms and Conditions for individual contracts
8. Risks
Risks include poor quality of internal and particularly external documents and/or late submission of documents, which could have potential reputational risks for UNICEF WCARO. Mitigation measures include ensuring the UNICEF guidelines on writing and branding as well as WCARO branded templates are used by consultant.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and advance to the next stage of the selection process.
Closing Date Sat Jun 16 2018 00:55:00 GMT+0100 (Afr. centrale Ouest)

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