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L’UNESCO recrute 01 Expert Média

L’UNESCO recrute 01 Expert Média

Êtes-vous un expert sur les questions liées au soutien aux #médiasdans les pays de transition,# freedomofexpression et media #développement ?
Avez-vous la capacité éprouvée de coordonner des projets à grande échelle ?
Ce boulot est pour toi !
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In particular, the Project Coordinator will:  Coordinate, implement and monitor activities related to the project at the national level in Senegal and at the regional level in the 8 countries covered by the project (Cameroun, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, GuineaConakry, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal), including ensuring overall adherence to financial regulations and budgetary requirements;  Report on activities implemented at the regional level and at the national level in the project countries and in Europe and on financial situation, raising potential issues with project managers in field offices;  Provide technical backstopping to Field Offices in the project countries and coordinate with them to ensure information sharing, joint planning and collaboration related to the project activities;  Implement the communication strategy of the project ensuring the full visibility of the implemented activities and achievements of the project;  Liaise with UNESCO staff at Headquarters, in field offices, in Brussels Liaison Office and with other key stakeholders including Member States, other UN agencies donors, media, civil society organizations working at the international, regional and local level to ensure effective implementation of the project;  Identify potential donors for scaling up the project activities and further reinforcing the work of UNESCO supporting freedom of expression and access to information;  Any other activities (such as outreach, networking, briefings and speech writing) that may be required to ensure the success of the project implementation.  Other assignments to reinforce the programme promoting an enabling environment for freedom of expression and freedom of information, to foster the role of media for development, democracy and dialogue, in Senegal and at the regional level.

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