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K21 Health Foundation’s Grant Program – United States

K21 Health Foundation’s Grant Program – United States

Deadline: 01-Aug-20

The K21 Health Foundation is seeking applications for its Grants program to ensure health care services are provided, and to advance prevention and healthy living.

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K21 Health Foundation is a private foundation that focuses on improving health and wellness for the residents of Kosciusko County. The original assets of the foundation came from the non-profit hospital established in 1967, and the sale of this hospital did not end the intent of the original donors. They are continually working toward improved wellness in the community.
This will be accomplished by identifying health needs in the community, and maintaining an endowment so funding is available, through investments and grants, for those needs.
Priorities for Funding Consideration:
Supporting non-profit organizations that provide direct health services to people in need.
Funding efforts that advance prevention and minimize the need for health services.
Investing in the development and implementation of solutions that work toward healthy lifestyles and decisions.
Participating in consistent assessment and evaluation of existing health needs in the community.
When submitting an application, organizations must clearly explain how K21’s mission will be advanced by supporting the project, program, or service, and the intended benefit(s) to residents of Kosciusko County.
To qualify for a grant from K21, your organization must meet one of the following requirements:
A non-profit agency with current IRS tax-exempt status and in good standing with the Indiana Secretary of State
A school system serving students of Kosciusko County
A governmental agency serving residents of Kosciusko County
To qualify for a grant from K21, your request must meet the following requirements:
The project, program, or service for which you are seeking funding must benefit the residents of Kosciusko County.
The impact must address health and wellness issues for the community. The priorities for funding consideration focus on areas identified in the mission statement:
Direct health services
Health prevention services
Healthy living opportunities
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