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Healthy Active Living Grants in the Australia

Healthy Active Living Grants in the Australia

Deadline: 30-Sep-21

The Golden Plains Shire is seeking applications for its Healthy Active Living Grants to assist incorporated groups and organisations undertake sport, recreation, health and wellbeing projects that directly benefit the Golden Plains Shire Community.

Priority Areas

The priority areas are:

Healthy Eating.
Active Living: Increasing physical activity, sport, and active recreation opportunities for residents.
Connected Communities: Social connectedness and activated spaces.
Mental Health.
Gender Equity and the prevention of violence against women.
Increased access to health and community services
Funding Information

Grants of up to $10,000 will be available
What are they looking for?

Council will consider applications from incorporated community groups, organisation’s and individuals to undertake projects with activities within Golden Plains Shire relating to the following outcomes:

Increased opportunities for residents to participate in physical activity opportunities including structured sport, unstructured or incidental active recreation or exercise.
Activating spaces: activities or programs that utilize and increase usage of existing recreation facilities or open spaces within the Shire.
Community gatherings that focus on exercise.
Increases in healthy eating particularly increasing resident’s intake of fruit and vegetables.
Increase opportunities for women to participate in all levels/aspects of sport and recreation clubs, facilities, and events.
Projects that consider mental health and encourage positive mental health for residents.
Projects which increase access to health and community services.
Small infrastructure or maintenance projects will only be considered if they are contained within the Sport and Active Recreation Strategy, facilities masterplan, community plans or where the result will have a significant increase in participation in an existing or new sport and active recreation initiative.
Eligibility Criteria

Community groups and organisation’s must be incorporated and not for profit or have an auspice arrangement.
Groups may submit multiple applications per round, but they must be for different projects and cannot be the same application over multiple streams.
Government organisation’s and agencies are not eligible to apply. However, kindergartens, committees of management, other community committees and local branches of larger organisation’s (e.g. CFA and SES) are eligible where significant community benefit can be demonstrated.
Primary and Secondary schools are eligible to apply for a project which are completed within Golden Plains Shire Council, as long as the project is not solely curriculum based and can strongly demonstrate a partnership with another community organization or have a joint use agreement in place guaranteeing community access.
Applicants must match the requested funding through either cash or in-kind (volunteer labor) contributions.
The number of times an applicant has previously received funding through the Healthy Active Living Grant program will be considered during the assessment process. Council may choose not to fund a project by applicants who have previously received funding should the program be oversubscribed.
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