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HBCE: Grant Program on Sustainable Development in Ukraine

HBCE: Grant Program on Sustainable Development in Ukraine


Deadline: 1 November 2018

HBCE / The Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises® is seeking applications for its Grant Program on sustainable development in culture and education in Ukraine.


HBCE is based on the principle that culture and education are fundamental assets of a strong society and essential for change, as well as for the growth of Ukraine’s competitiveness. HBCE support bottom-up initiatives with innovative approaches, cross-sector or international cooperation in art, culture and education.

Grants will be awarded once a year for project proposals from non-governmental organizations inside or outside Ukraine.

HBCE / The Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises® commits itself to strengthening sustainable development in the fields of culture and education in Ukraine. It supports initiatives that promise to enhance Ukraine’s international standing and competitiveness in culture and education. The company does not pursue commercial aims.

Funding Information

Funding ranges from 500 EUR to 5,000 EUR and covers 70% of the total project budget.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Projects in culture / art / education
  • Implementation in Ukraine
  • Propose relevant themes / innovative methodologies
  • Focus on community development and action
  • Bottom-up approach

How to Apply

  • Applications should be submitted online in English via given website.
  • Applications in Ukrainian will not be considered by HBCE.

Eligible Country: Ukraine

For more information, please visit HBCE Grant Program.

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