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Grants to Enhance Inclusive and Gender Responsive Humanitarian Action in Iraq

Grants to Enhance Inclusive and Gender Responsive Humanitarian Action in Iraq

Deadline: 04-Apr-22

The Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) is excited to announce its latest Call for Proposals in Iraq to enhance inclusive and gender-responsive humanitarian action.

The overall goal of the WPHF’s theory of change is to contribute topeaceful and gender equal societies. Achievement of this goal will require that women are empowered to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from conflict prevention, crisis response, peacebuilding, and recovery.Since its launch in 2016, WPHF has been supporting over 200 civil society organizations and is present in 20 countries or group of countries.

The WPHF will fund qualifying projects in IRAQ. The projects must focus on one country. Multi-country projects will NOT be accepted.

The focus of this WPHF call for proposals will be onenhancing inclusive and gender responsive humanitarian/crisis planning, frameworks, and programming.Special attention will be provided to applicationssupporting women and girls multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, such as those marginalized and excluded due to poverty, ethnicity, disability, age, geography, migratory status, HIV status, among others, which is in clear alignment with the 2030 Agenda and the principle of leaving no one behind.

Funding Information
The WPHF will grant around 1.3 million USD over one year to IRAQ. TheCall for proposals aims at responding to the needs of local women’s organizations in fragile settings, with the below funding stream:
Funding stream 1: Programmatic funding: from 150,000 USD to 200,000 USD
This funding stream will finance projects which aim specifically to fund programmatic activities aligned with the WPHF Impact Area 3.
Please note: All selected grantees must ensure that there is continuous coordination with the Department of Women empowerment in their respective governorates.
All civil society organizations can apply for a maximum of 1-year grants.
Projects can be implemented in any geographical location in Iraq; however, priority will be given to areas in need of humanitarian response.

Eligibility Criteria
International , national and local women- led, women’s rights, feminist, or civil society organizations with a proven track record working with women and girls, are eligible to apply. Grassroots and local community-based organizations are particularly encouraged to apply. Joint projects are allowed and encouraged.
To be considered a “Women’s Rights or Feminist Organization,” the organization’s official mission/vision statement must reflect its commitment to addressing multiple/intersecting forms of discrimination and advancing gender equality and women’s rights. The organization must aim to address the underlying drivers/systems/structures, including patriarchy and gendered power dynamics, and work to transform these.
“Women-led organization” must be headed by a woman as director/head of organization.
To be considered “Youth rights”, the organization’s official mission/vision must reflect its commitment to addressing multiple/intersecting forms of discrimination and advancing the rights of youth.
“Youth-led organization” must be headed by a youth as defined by the country/organization
Other CSOs must demonstrate experience in addressing violence against women and girls, gender inequalities and/or women’s rights.
The following are NOT eligible to apply for a grant from the WPHF:

Organizations proposing a multi-country intervention;
Organizations proposing an intervention in a country different from the eligible country;
Lead-organizations that are not legally registered in the country/territory of implementation;
Government agencies or institutions;
UN agencies or UN Country Teams;
Private individuals;
Private sector entities;
Universities and Education institutions
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