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Georgia: EU-supported Tsalka Local Development Group (LAG) announces Second Grant Competition

Georgia: EU-supported Tsalka Local Development Group (LAG) announces Second Grant Competition

Deadline: 20-Nov-20

Tsalka Local Development Group (LAG) in partnership with CENN, the Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA) and the Rural Development Research Institute (Ifls), part of the ongoing EU-funded project ENPARD, announces a grant competition in Tsalka Municipality.

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The grant competition aims to diversify the economy in the municipality and improve the well-being and socio-economic situation of local communities through the implementation of projects in line with the priorities of the Tsalka Local Development Strategy (LDS).

The grant competition will fund commercial (non-agricultural and agricultural) as well as social and educational initiatives.

Eligibility Criteria

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The following subjects are eligible to participate in the grant competition:

adult citizens of Georgia and / or a foreign country; Legal entities registered in Georgia;
Agricultural cooperatives with registered status;
Non-profit (non-commercial) legal entities (non-governmental organization, association, etc.);
Legal entities of public law of Tsalka Municipality self government;
Cultural-educational organizations and initiative groups in Tsalka Municipality.
The grant competition consists of the following stages:

Phase I – submission of a complete project application;
Phase II – monitoring;
Stage III – interview;
Phase IV – Project approval / contract signing.
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