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Fit for Life Foundation awarding grants of US$ 100,000 each to 3 NPOs

Fit for Life Foundation awarding grants of US$ 100,000 each to 3 NPOs

Deadline: 23 November 2020

The Fit for Life Foundation is inviting applications to award grants of US$ 100,000 each to 3 non-profit organizations or social enterprises that are pioneering projects to promote life-long fitness and health.

The Fit for Life Awards provide multi-year support and international visibility to innovative, impactful projects promoting life-long fitness and health in rapidly aging societies worldwide. Grants are disbursed over 3 years to facilitate tracking and monitoring of the project’s performance and impact.

This multi-year support enables Laureates to steadily scale up their programs while building public awareness of the importance of healthy aging for communities. The Fit for Life Laureates are announced at an annual awards event in Geneva, Switzerland, in the presence of the Fit for Life ambassadors, donors and partner organizations. The projects they publicized through their site, social media channels, and podcast.

Funding Information

Award grants of US$ 100,000.
Areas of Impact

The mission and activities of the organization or initiative must directly address healthy aging for older (65+ years) or middle-aged people (45+ years). They welcome solutions relevant to:

Physical fitness;
Exercise and sport;
Mental well-being;
At-home care;
Community support for older people;
Prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs);
Other forms of preventative health support.
Performance & Impact Monitoring

Fit for Life monitors the performance and impact of grants based on the same 10 key criteria used in the selection process.
They work with impact measurement professionals to monitor progress toward the agreed objectives, through quarterly touchpoints and regular field visits.
These quarterly reports are integrated into a comprehensive Annual Impact Monitoring Report. They also conduct regular in-depth evaluations to assess the impact of all grantees in the Fit for Life Awards portfolio.
Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Fit for Life Awards, applicants must meet the following criteria:

The organization or initiative must be legally registered as a non-profit or social enterprise in its country/countries of operations;
They do not accept applications from the following types of organizations;
Research institutes;
Government/public sector institutes;
Political organizations;
Organizations that discriminate in their leadership, staffing, or service provision on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, national origin, political affiliation, religious belief, or sexual orientation.
Selection Process

To select the organizations it supports, Fit for Life adopts a rigorous approach, which includes 3 stages of due diligence and 10 key selection criteria.
Candidates need to demonstrate both operational excellence and evidence of impact. They are looking for innovative programs that display a clear vision, are focused on beneficiaries’ needs, and are both sustainable and scalable.
Award Timeline

Stage 1: 23 September to 23 November 2020
They start assessing applications as soon as possible after they come in. So don’t wait too long to complete your application!
Stage 2: December 2020 — Early 2021
They conduct more in-depth due diligence on your organization. During this phase they may contact you by phone or organize an in-person visit.
They inform applicants immediately if they have not been selected to move onto the next round of the selection process.
About Fit for Life Foundation

The Fit for Life Foundation supports healthy aging and independent mobility of older people in rapidly aging societies worldwide. Through their annual Fit for Life Awards program, they provide financial support and international visibility to a broad range of innovative, impactful projects with a focus on middle age (40+) and old age (65+).

They work closely with other like-minded foundations, associations and institutions to scale up the scope and impact of their grants and build global awareness of the importance of physical activity for a healthy old age. They believe in: Healthy aging has intrinsic value, Healthy aging is good for communities, Healthy aging has economic worth, and Healthy aging benefits governments.

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