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Fairfield County Foundation’s Grant Program in the US

Fairfield County Foundation’s Grant Program in the US

Deadline: 14-Jun-21

Applications are now open for the Fairfield County Foundation’s Grant Program to afford an opportunity for individuals and others to financially assist non-profit organizations within the community.

Top Dutch Donors that fund internationally to improve livelihoods in communities

One-time Microgrant for NGO Projects that generate Social Impact. Deadline to apply: 30 June 2021

$15,000-$25,000 Funding for Women and Children living in Extreme Poverty. Deadline to apply: 31 July 2021

Seed Grant for Grassroots Organizations and Women-led Initiatives. Deadline to apply: 31 July 2021

Grants to support NGOs working to end the HIV Epidemic. Deadline to apply: 30 June 2021

Fellows will receive Project and Connect Fund to address Water-related Issues

Apply for Project Funding in areas of Art and Culture (Arab Region)

This Call is offering Seed Money to Research Projects in Africa

Global Humanitarian Initiative seeks applications from anywhere in the world

Unrestricted Grants for improving Health Equity and reducing Health Disparities among Vulnerable Communities

New funding for Small NGOs to fight Infectious Diseases

Grants for Innovative Projects to improve Humanitarian Response

Call for empowering Social Entrepreneurs that are working to achieve the SDGs

This US funding will help NGOs to tackle the Challenges of Coronavirus in 2021

USD 1 million Partnership Fund for SDG Impact Projects

Funding Priorities

Arts and Culture: To preserve and enhance arts and cultural heritage and institutions, expand access to arts and cultural offerings to new audiences, provide creative educational experiences for children and families, and encourage innovation and creativity. Areas of funding include: performances, exhibits, programs, projects, supplies, etc.
Civic and Community: To support youth involvement in activities and for the basic needs of youth. To encourage more efficient use of community resources to coordinate, cooperate and share among organizations. To eliminate duplication of services and to build the capacity of organizations and communities to solve problems. Assistance in areas of economic development, public safety, civic improvement, justice and promoting the community.
Education: To increase early education and care; language and reading readiness; keeping children in school; family literacy/adult education. Funds to enhance the experience of students directly, or to provide additional resources for educational programs.
Environment: To improve and preserve the quality of environmental conditions for current and future generations, preserve and beautify open spaces and gardens, conserve natural resources, and encourage citizen involvement in environmental protection activities. This area includes funding for parks, natural resources and animals.
Health: To improve access to and quality of treatment services, promote health and wellness, and promote the efficient use of healthcare resources. Support for medical programs and facilities.
Human Services: To support those agencies that strengthen the quality of individual and family life by responding to personal and family emergencies, intervening early when individuals and families are at risk of serious problems, and providing for basic needs when individuals and families cannot provide for themselves. Addresses basic human needs of food, shelter, clothing and seeking solutions to social problems.
Eligibility Criteria

The Fairfield County Foundation encourages 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the Fairfield County area to partner with the Foundation in meeting its mission and to apply for assistance through Foundation grants when appropriate.
The partnering organization should be located in Fairfield County or be able to demonstrate that a significant number of people or clients served by the organization reside in Fairfield County.
The Fairfield County Foundation has a preference for proposals that:
Develop innovative, creative, and practical solutions to both current and emerging community needs.
Create programs that enhance the quality of life for a substantial number of people, for seed money or a start- up.
Encourage volunteerism, civic and community involvement.
Facilitate compassion, efficiency and responsibility in the distribution of social services to the community.
Support projects that create a long-term physical community resource.
Demonstrate that the funds will be well-managed and effectively expended and that the project will become self-supporting when grant dollars end.
Play a role in assuring mutuality of interest, efficiency and the elimination of duplication of services.
Utilize matching funds- a project in which the Foundation is a partner, rather than the sole funder.
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