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County Foundation announces 2020 Agricultural Grant (Canada)

County Foundation announces 2020 Agricultural Grant (Canada)

Deadline: 20-Nov-20

The County Foundation is seeking applications for its 2020 Agricultural Grant program to provide community support to the agricultural sector through some small grants that allow agricultural entities to overcome obstacles that otherwise make a continuation of farming operations unnecessarily difficult.

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Council approved this grant process on the recommendation of The PEC Agricultural Advisory Group.

Funding Information

Grants will be available in the following sizes:
$750 – Small Farm (2019 Farm Revenue below $75,000 gross);
$1,500 – Medium Farm (2019 Farm Revenue from $75,000 – $250,000 gross);
$2,500 – Large Farm (2019 Farm Revenue over $250,000 gross).
The County Foundation will adjudicate based on geography, type of farming operations, and the explanation of the request provided in the application.
Eligibility Criteria

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Who is eligible?
PEC-based farms who have a Farm Business Registration Number (FBRN) and a financial need based on conditions not within their control or because of a willingness to invest in a climate change initiative.
Who is not eligible?
Non-PEC owned agricultural entities;
People without a Farm Business Registration Number (FBRN) and have not uploaded an Exemption Letter.
TCF reserves the right to increase the size of the various grants and/or consider an application under another stream based on the demand at time of application closure.

How to Apply

Application open: October 16, 2020 – Apply Now;
Applications are due: November 20, 2020, at 12:00 noon.
Recipients will be notified by January 15, 2021, or sooner.
Can be submitted electronically using; scanned and emailed to them (you will receive a receipt confirming within 48 hours);
Applications are also accessible through the PEC Public Library Branches. It can be completed online using a public access computer or a hard copy provided. The library staff can provide support.
For more information, visit

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