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Clare Milne Trust’s Grants Program – United Kingdom

Clare Milne Trust’s Grants Program – United Kingdom

Deadline: 4-Jan-21

The Clare Milne Trust is seeking applications for its Grants program to support People Living with Disabilities in Devon and Cornwall.

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The aim of The Clare Milne Trust is to help smaller effective charities with good volunteer support with their work for persons with a disability in or close to Devon and Cornwall. The Trust does this by making grants to charities working directly with people with disabilities in the South West.

Clare Milne, the granddaughter of Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne, had a disability and had therefore experienced the benefits that are garnered from well run and committed charities. The Trust was established in 2002 with funds derived from her grandfather, A.A. Milne. Unfortunately Clare died in 2012, but her legacy continues.

Eligibility Criteria

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The Foundation supports:
Registered charities which benefit people with disabilities;
Projects located in the South West, mainly in Devon and Cornwall.
The Foundation is looking for local and regional charities, which are:
Small and well run;
Charities with strong support from volunteers;
Charities with only modest expenditure on fundraising and administration.
The Clare Milne Trust will only support charities and organisations who recognise that safeguarding is everyone’s business. It Is The Clare Milne Trust’s expectation that all charities and organisations will take responsible steps to safeguard all their own staff and volunteers as well as those people whom they support.
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