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City of Tacoma: Sustainability Small Grant Program – United States

City of Tacoma: Sustainability Small Grant Program – United States

Deadline: 31-Mar-21

The City of Tacoma is seeking applications for the Sustainability Small Grant Program. Projects that help educate residents and/or businesses on the environment and sustainable practices are encouraged to apply. Strong grant applications will demonstrate a benefit to one or more of the three Environmental Services utilities: Surface Water, Solid Waste, and Wastewater.

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Early Grant Information for NGOs

Projects or events must have an environmental sustainability focus. Strong grant applications will demonstrate benefits that help protect and restore natural resources or keep their city clean, safe, and livable. Those that also benefit their local economy, support social equity and address the causes or impacts of climate change with be given extra consideration. Collaboration with other groups, organizations, and agencies is not required but highly encouraged.

Priority Area

Preference will be given to applications that:

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US Funding for Justice, Social Inclusion, empowerment of the vulnerable and freedom from violence

Small Seed Funding and Fellowship for young African leaders for leading social ventures

Demonstrate project readiness with a clearly defined scope, schedule, and budget.
Indicate a minimum of 10% match of cash, other grant dollars, volunteer time (example value: $25/hr), materials, and/or professional services.
Provide appropriate permissions/permits or letter of support.
Target City of Tacoma residents and take place within city limits.
Projects that support social equity.
Projects that address the causes or impacts of climate change.
First-time applicants.
Funding Information

Reimbursable, maximum awards of up to $5,000 are available to eligible projects within Tacoma city limits that help protect and restore the environment.
Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Applications Must:
Demonstrate project readiness with a clearly defined scope, schedule, and budget.
Demonstrate a benefit to one or more of Environmental Services’ utilities.
Include a minimum of 10% matching contributions from the applicant or fiscal sponsor organization. Matched contributions may include in-kind services, funds from your organization, or any other grants, sponsors, donations, or volunteer time.
Meet Green Event certification criteria, as defined by the City’s Green Events program (if applicable; applying for official Green Event certification is encouraged, but not required).
Meet all permit requirements and public agency permissions (if applicable).
Eligible Projects and/or Applicants Must:
Be located in and/or take place within Tacoma city limits*.
Cover all up-front project costs and accept reimbursement for approved costs after project completion.
Approval of Final Report, or partner with a fiscal sponsor to support up-front costs.
If not affiliated with a registered 501 (c)(3), accept tax reporting impacts associated with receiving grant funding, or partner with a registered non-profit that will accept funding on behalf of the applicant.
Not charge the public for services, materials, or goods funded by the Sustainability Small Grant.
Provide recognition for the City of Tacoma Environmental Services in printed or promotional material, recognition at the event (if applicable), media coverage, and/or other branding opportunities where available.
Submit a Final Report and invoice within 60 calendar days of a project completion date.
*May be waived at the discretion of the Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability or STC.
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