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Children and Young People Grant Fund 2022 in the UK

Children and Young People Grant Fund 2022 in the UK

Deadline: 30-Nov-21

The South Cambridgeshire District Council has announced the applications for the Children and Young People Grant Fund 2022 to provide funding support to projects across South Cambridgeshire which help to empower children and young people to build self-belief and make a positive difference to themselves and their communities.

Successful applicants will be developing or running projects which aim to build resilience in children and young people and their communities to help keep them safe and enable them to thrive.

Funding Information
You can apply for funding of between £4k and £8k. You should consider your potential to offer added value in this process via match funding, partnership work or existing resource. This could be volunteering hours, donations or entry fees or the donation and loan of resources from other community assets such as your children’s centre, school, nursery, library, church, parish council etc.
Consideration should be given to how projects will be sustained and further developed beyond the term of the funding.
They are specifically looking for projects which address/achieve the following outcomes:

Help children, young people and their communities to develop their own initiatives and by doing so contribute to their own resilience and well-being and that of their community
Motivate and empower other children and young people and their community members to take part and by doing so develop social capacity.
Develop opportunities for children, young people and their families to engage in positive activity which is beneficial to their physical and mental health and well-being
Address social disadvantage and equality of opportunity.
Eligibility Criteria
Organisations must:

Be independently set up for charitable (not for profit), benevolent or philanthropic purposes. (N.B. Parish councils may also apply).
Decide policy and overall management practice through a committee of elected, unpaid volunteers (a management committee or board of trustees).
Have a constitution, mission statement or set of rules, aims and procedures.
Meet relevant legal responsibilities, including those of an employer, and adopt, implement and monitor good employment practices, including having relevant insurances to cover operations.
Provide evidence that employees are paid the National Living Wage and that they are not subject to zero-hours contracts.
Have systems and structures in place to manage their affairs effectively and efficiently, hold regular meetings to plan and monitor activities, keep minutes and circulate information to group members.
Illustrate user and member involvement in policy-making and management as appropriate.
Illustrate how they recruit and support volunteers as appropriate.
Adopt appropriate child and vulnerable adult protection, health and safety and DBS checking policies, as appropriate.
Prepare budgets, keep relevant financial records, monitor income and expenditure at least quarterly and prepare proper accounts. If part of a national or regional organisation, please only provide information relating to your branch. Please provide evidence of a ‘business’ account for the organisation, and of two cheque signatories. Please also submit your current audited accounts and annual report.
Demonstrate a need for financial support. You will be asked for details of your policy on unrestricted reserves, based on Charity Commission.
Charge service users where applicable at an appropriate rate in line with other local services. They will not subsidise projects that are deemed to be under or over-charging clients.
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