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Canada: Youth Empowerment Stream: Sprout ($2500 grants)

Canada: Youth Empowerment Stream: Sprout ($2500 grants)

Deadline: 2-May-22

The Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE) is seeking applications for Youth Empowerment Stream – Sprout to fund new and emerging micro-projects that focus on increasing the resilience, engagement and wellness of youth.

Projects must be led by 2+ Indigenous youth (ages 15-29). Grantees and youth will receive innovative mentorship, training, and capacity-building opportunities throughout the project. The Youth Empowerment Stream Sprout can be used as a stepping stone to implementing a new idea or starting your work with a project idea.

Grantees that receive funding from the Youth Empowerment Stream Sprout are encouraged to apply to the Youth Empowerment Stream Blossom to continue to grow their projects and impact.

Focus Areas

Projects should focus on providing programming, training, or capacity-building opportunities for Indigenous youth. Below are some possible examples of eligible projects. These examples do not include every type of project that they would fund:
Programs for youth to participate in recreational, wellness, and/or arts-based programming
Cultural programming, including ceremonies, teaching circles, and land-based activities
Peer-led circles where youth can build relationships and participate in online activities
Intergenerational programs, that provide youth opportunities to work with Elders, parents, families, children, etc
Programs that increase youth leadership skills
Professional development programs for members of a youth council/organization to increase their knowledge about organizational governance
Projects that target making resources (such as mental health services) safer and more accessible
All funded projects engage more youth other than just project leaders.
Funding Information

The Youth Empowerment Stream – Sprout will provide small grants of up to $2,500 to youth-led projects happening in urban, rural, and remote communities across Canada.
Eligibility Criteria

CREation will only fund grassroots Indigenous youth groups consisting of a minimum of 2 youth.
Please note: for the purpose of this program, CRE defines Indigenous as status and non-status First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Canada, living both on and off-reserve.
Eligible groups and projects include:
Unincorporated/grassroots youth groups/collectives/councils comprised primarily of Indigenous youth
Emerging, incorporated youth groups (note: CRE defines “emerging” as groups that have an operating budget of less than $50,000)
Projects must serve primarily serve Indigenous youth
Ineligible groups and projects:
Individuals and/or projects that are not led by 2+ Indigenous youth
Projects that are not youth-led (or where the majority of the leadership is 30+)
Non-Indigenous groups and organizations
Groups that have received more than $10,000 in funding from CRE over the past 12 months
Projects taking place outside of Canada
For-profit corporations
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