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Australia: City of Logan announces Small Events Grant 2022

Australia: City of Logan announces Small Events Grant 2022

Deadline: 30-Nov-22

The City of Logan is pleased to announce the Small Events Grant 2022.

The City of Logan is known for its vibrancy and community spirit. One of the cornerstones of that spirit is our annual calendar of community-driven events. The events delivered by the community, are a vital part of the fabric of our city. They value these events and the experiences and opportunities they provide our community.

Funding Information
There are two funding options available through the Community Events Funding Program:

Small Event Grant $200 – $2,000
This grant is for small events, normally with less than 1,000 people expected.
These small community events tend to be aimed at a particular group in the community.
Event Sponsorship $2,001 – $20,000
Event sponsorship is available for large events, normally with over 1,000 people expected to attend and which have a broad community appeal.
What They Can Fund?
Their goal is to support events that promote and celebrate all the things we love about our city.

This includes:

Events that will be conducted within the boundaries of Logan City and benefit members of the Logan community (i.e. not only to the benefit of an individual); OR
Events that will not be conducted within the boundaries of Logan City, but will benefit members of the Logan community (i.e. not only to the benefit of an individual).
Please provide detailed information in your application describing the benefit to the Logan community, identifying the groups that will benefit and how. This should be included in the Event Description.
With events that will be held outside of the boundaries of Logan City, while there may be benefit to members of the Logan community, preference is given to events that are delivered within the boundaries of Logan City.
Events must demonstrate that they support Council’s community purpose:
Encourage a vibrant, engaged and resilient community
Build on the strengths in the local community
Value local collaboration and partnerships
Encourage participation in community life and foster social cohesion
Promote and encourage environmental protection and sustainability
Support our city vision of ‘Innovative, Dynamic, City of the Future’
Support Council’s Corporate Plan priorities
Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible to receive Community Events funding, applicants must meet all of the following eligibility criteria. Organisations who apply must:

Be based within Logan or be able to show that the event will directly benefit our community.
Have current public liability insurance for $20 million. You must attach a copy of this with your application.
Have an Australian Business Number (ABN).
Have no outstanding acquittals or debts with Council.
Have appropriate workplace health and safety policies.
What they Can Not Fund?
Applications that are requesting more than 80% of the total event costs.
Costs associated with the day to day running of an organisation. For example, wages, insurance, electricity, rates, telephone, rent. (Public liability insurance costs specific to the event are eligible).
Activities that should be funded by another Council grant program. For example, environmental and arts projects.
Events that are for the exclusive benefit of one audience. For example, customers, members or students (except when supporting milestone anniversaries or rare celebration occasions in schools).
Prize money, prizes, or bidding on auction items.
Donations and awards for commercial or business activities.
Applications for equipment that will be used after the completion of the event.
Events that have occurred before the lodging of the application.
Events that are exclusively religious in nature and promote religious activities.
Applications for events that are commercially unsustainable. This may be due to lack of planning, resources, partnerships, etc.
Organisations involved in activities which threaten our community or environment.
Any political activity.
Gambling products and services.
Organisations that conflict with our brand or values.
Illegal activity.
Adult products and services.
Cigarettes / tobacco (as directed by Commonwealth Government legislation).
Unmitigated risk to animal welfare, or where there are no animal welfare guidelines.
Organisations involved in activities or issues not considered to be appropriate.
Any activities or issues likely to have a conflict of interest or may bring Council into disrepute
Whilst the Sponsorship Advisory Group is authorised to support eligible requests for funding at their discretion, applications may not be supported for the following reasons:
Insufficient information was provided to assist them in making their decision.
The Sponsorship Advisory Group allocates funding throughout the financial year and has insufficient funds available at the time to support the request.
The Sponsorship Advisory Group considered that it is not in the community’s interest to support the application at this time.
The event purpose does not align with the priorities or values of Logan City Council.
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