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Arts Council of Fayetteville: Mini Grants Program (US)

Arts Council of Fayetteville: Mini Grants Program (US)

Deadline: 20-Nov-20

The Arts Council of Fayetteville is seeking applications for its Mini Grants Program.

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Funding Information

A mini Grant award will not exceed $1,250. Grants may also be submitted for space usage in the Arts Center.
The Arts Center contains multi-use spaces for meetings, receptions, workshops, rehearsals, exhibitions, and performances.
As part of your Mini-Grant request, you may ask for the use of these spaces for a limited time for a particular project.
What Projects are eligible?

Projects funded by a Mini Grant must be open to the general public. Mini Grants fund projects in all cultural art forms that will be completed in a six (6) month period. Projects that the Arts Council’s Project Support Grants Panel has reviewed twice and have not funded are ineligible for Mini Grants.
Projects with a virtual/online component must directly benefit Cumberland County and/or must use artists whose primary residence is in Cumberland County. Fundraisers for non-arts and cultural nonprofits are not eligible for Mini Grants.
Who May Apply?

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The applicant can be a non-profit organization or municipality operating in Cumberland County presenting a cultural arts activity that is open to the public. Schools are generally not considered for Mini Grant applications and should refer to the Artists in Schools program for consideration.
An individual or group of artists may apply for a Mini Grant if they are based in Cumberland County and the funded project will occur in Cumberland County.
Organizations who are ineligible to receive funding in other Arts Council grant categories due to unfulfilled grant requirements may not apply. You may receive only one (1) grant award in a 12-month period.
Evaluation Criteria

Applications are evaluated on:

Quality of art or cultural arts experience.
Feasibility of project – including the budget, potential community impact, and the need for support.
Grants of Arts Center space are dependent on scheduling restrictions.
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