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Adoption United States: announces Grant Program

Adoption United States: announces Grant Program

Deadline: 1-Oct-21

The is pleased to announce Grant Program to help hard-working families overcome the financial obstacles of adoption so that children can join loving and permanent homes., founded in 2007, is a national 501(c)(3) adoption grant program and raises funds primarily through private donations and fundraising events in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. Donors to are caring people who simply want to help build happy families for every child. was founded by Becky and Kipp Fawcett as a response to their own personal adoption experience in an effort to make adoption more feasible for all families.

The organization is the only one of its kind in the United States that embodies all of the following criteria:

awards large, life-changing and problem-solving grants up to $15,000
supports all types of families (married couples, single parents and LGBT families)
supports all types of adoptions (domestic, international, foster care)
supports all types of religions, and does not require a statement of faith
does not charge applicants to apply
Funding Information awards a total of $150,000 per grant cycle. Each Grant award is between $500 – $15,000.
Eligibility Criteria accepts applications from couples and individuals regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, marital status or sexual orientation. Please note the following criteria:

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At least one applicant must be a US citizen
Must have a completed, approved, and current home study
Must not be pregnant, trying to conceive, or pursuing infertility treatments simultaneously with your adoption
Must demonstrate significant financial obstacles and the need for financial assistance. There is a distinction between “not wanting” to write the check(s) and “not being able to”.
If the adoption has been finalized, or the child has been placed in your home, you are no longer eligible (exceptions made for adoptions through foster care).
Applicants must exhibit a commitment to adoption, and will continue with the adoption regardless of whether or not they obtain a grant from
Applicants must be associated with a licensed adoption agency or attorney. If you are working with a consultant, final payments must be made to a lawyer or agency.
Priority will be given to applicants without children and those with failed or disrupted adoption placements.
Should a grant be awarded:
Adoption funds may not be used to cover travel cost.
Money is only payable in USD to a licensed US adoption agency or lawyer.
They do not cover agency start-up fees, funds should be applied towards the finalization of your adoption.
If any portion of the grant is unused upon completion of the adoption process, or upon the expiration of the award (approximately 24 months from the official grant award date), the remaining funds will revert back to
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