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2022 Public Diplomacy Small Grants – Education Program in Ukraine

2022 Public Diplomacy Small Grants – Education Program in Ukraine

Deadline: 2-Sep-22

The U.S. Embassy Kyiv announces the 2022 Public Diplomacy Small Grants –Education Program to support projects aimed at the post-war Ukraine’s restoration with an assistance from the academic community.

USAID Concept Note to Proposal Training Video for NGOs

Pending availability of funds, the U.S. Embassy will award small grants to Ukrainian non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations (NGOs) to administer the projects in collaboration with counterparts in education (secondary schools, colleges and universities). The U.S-Ukraine collaboration is highly recommended, should be clearly justified, and will be considered an advantage of the project during the competition.

Collaboration between educational institutions, local administrations, and businesses to support regional economic recovery and development.
Career advising and re-training opportunities for IDPs, veterans and individuals with disabilities.
Support of educational services continuity and access to educational information for educational institutions that suffered the most from Russian invasion.
Developments of educational tools to support Ukraine’s recovery in the areas of Treatment of PTSD, Biomechanics and Prosthetics, and Urban Planning
Civic Education – development of methodology for teaching civic education courses, primarily, history, at secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.
Funding Information
Award amounts: awards may range from a minimum of $25,000 to a maximum of $40,000.
Possible activities or programming components
Activities may be focused on but are not limited to:
courses and curriculum creation;
promoting collaboration between educational institutions and local administrations, employers, NGOs;
institutional strategies development and implementation;
skill building events;
career advising activities and services.
Participants and Audiences
While NGOs administer the projects, educational institutions serve their partners in project implementation, but there may be other partners as well.
The project beneficiaries may be school teachers and administrators; university instructors and administrators; local administration; employers; Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; IDPs; veterans; individuals with disabilities.
Eligibility Criteria
Priority Region: Ukraine
The following organizations only are eligible to apply: Ukrainian non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations.
The project must be tailored towards Ukrainian audiences at the secondary and higher education levels;
All project activities supported by the U.S. Embassy grant should take place in Ukraine;
Substantive U.S. component is highly recommended;
The length of the project may be up to one year.
Ineligible Projects
Proposals may not include funding requests for the following:
Office rent and utilities;
Capital improvements, such as construction and renovation;
Purchase of vehicles;
Activities that convey the appearance of partisanship or support for electoral campaigns;
Social welfare activities;
Academic or analytical research (if not part necessary to accomplish a larger project);
Entertainment, including receptions, social activities, ceremonies, cocktail parties, guided tours;
Travel to the United States and activities in the United States;
Writing novels or non-fiction books;
Alcoholic Beverages.
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