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2021 Sustainable Tourism Grants: Submit Applications Now

2021 Sustainable Tourism Grants: Submit Applications Now


The Habitat Foundation is currently accepting proposals for the 2021 Sustainable Tourism Grants Program.

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The Habitat Foundation’s 2021 Sustainable Tourism Grants have been created to fund initiatives to build capacity and strengthen the practice of ecotourism and conservation in Malaysia.

This grants programme is motivated by the belief that travel to natural areas can be a driver for conservation and environmental awareness. Ecotourism can also be a way to generate sustainable financing for protecting nature and incomes for local businesses and households.

The 2021 Sustainable Tourism Grants are for activities or programmes to promote Best Practice in ecotourism that can be implemented within a timeframe of less than 10 months. They range in value from RM5,000 to RM15,000 and may be used for any of the following:-

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on site training and capacity building to improving guiding, the curation of ecotourism experiences, and protection of sensitive environments;
attending off-site training or to gain specialized qualifications to gain capacity in ecotourism management;
improving interpretation on site to enhance the visitor experience and education objective;
providing information, education, and training to reduce environmental impact among local people and tourists alike;
participating in study visits and facilitating secondments to enhance Best Practice in ecotourism from more-established ecotourism businesses and organizations;
enhancing the use of communications tools to promote poorly known ecotourism sites to strengthen viability and generate funding for conservation.
any other initiative, programme, or activity to boost capacity with proper justification.
Proposal for 2021 Sustainable Tourism Grants should be coherent with current government policies, plans, strategies and laws. Proposals should ideally demonstrate a strong element of collaboration with key stakeholders in order to ensure the sustainability of project objectives.

Eligiblity Criteria

Applications for 2021 Sustainable Tourism Grants may be made by individuals, businesses, non-government organizations, and community-based organizations.
Submission of applications

Deadline Free Grants
To be considered for a 2021 Sustainable Tourism Grant, applicants should email their application before 30 September 2020.

The proposal should not exceed 1,500 words and should:-
introduce the project location and the ecotourism activities associated with it;
highlight the specific needs/gaps to be addressed with the use of the grant;
elaborate on the activities and programmes that will be undertaken in order to achieve the stated project objectives;
list partners, regulatory authorities and other key stakeholders involved (if applicable).
2021 Sustainable Tourism Grant applications will be vetted by a panel of expert advisers. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview before the final selection.

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