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2021-2022 Community Investment Grants Program in the US

2021-2022 Community Investment Grants Program in the US

Deadline: 6-Dec-21

The United Way of Merced County has launched its 2021-2022 Community Investment Grants Program to continue spreading the common good throughout the county and amongst all its members.

Focus Areas
Health: Programs that enable people to live healthier. Areas may include: healthy eating and physical activity, access to health care, healthy choices, safe home and community, healthy beginnings, etc.
Education: Programs that help increase the number of students graduating from high school and preparing for employment. Areas may include: early childhood literacy, school readiness, early grade reading proficiency, middle-grade success, high school graduation, post-secondary success, vocation education, or college graduation.
Financial Stability: Programs that help individuals and families maintain and/or increase their income. Areas may include: workforce training, entrepreneurial program development, budgeting family and finances, public benefit awareness, and asset development.
Funding Information
Through this program, they aim to distribute mini-grants for up to $5,000 to local MERCED COUNTY organizations providing programming in the areas of health, education, and financial stability/income.
Eligibility Criteria
Organizations that provide health and human service programs in Merced County are eligible to apply. Organizations must also be recognized nonprofits under IRC 501(c)(3) or another tax-exempt status.
Applications for funding programs of schools and governmental organizations will also be considered as long as they are specific and discrete programs/projects that are not eligible for tax funding.
To qualify, your program/organization must focus its energies on the areas of either health, education, or financial stability/income; it must also target and benefit Merced County residents.
Organizations may apply for funds to start a new program or for the expansion of an existing program.
Grant funding can be used for operational, administrative, staffing, and supply expenses required to support the program.
Community Investment Grants cannot be used for capital expenditures such as building, plans, construction, or renovation.
Funds cannot be used for political campaigns
Funds cannot be used for faith-based programs
Funds cannot be used for animal and other non-human service programs
Funds cannot be used for loan payments or deficit spending
Funds cannot be used for services normally supported by tax dollars
Organizations that are awarded grants will be required to submit a report on program outcomes of which should provide data related to the service provided.
If you applied for grants from them in the past and did not submit the final report on program outcomes, you will be required to do so before being able to qualify for this mini-grant program.
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