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Youth Organizing Power Building Initiative – United States

Youth Organizing Power Building Initiative – United States

Deadline: 28-Sep-20

The Northern California Youth Organizing Funder Collaborative is a network of foundations and individual donors committed to creating more equitable, just and effective social, economic and political systems through the power of youth organizing.

While the individual missions span a range of issues such as advancing racial equity and economic inclusion, expanding access to affordable, quality health care, and improving life outcomes for young people through education – collectively, they see youth organizing as essential to advancing justice and equity in communities today. They also value the intentionality with which they cultivate and develop young leaders for the future.

To collectively cultivate a powerful youth organizing ecosystem with shared strategies to engage more young people, expand power, and address pressing issues. Working closely with youth organizing groups, researchers, and aligned funders, and with the facilitation support of Youth Organize! California, the collaborative is committed to utilizing collective expertise to support emergent and established youth organizing and leadership development strategies throughout the region.

Initiative Components

Phase 1: Recovery and Response, November 2020 – April 2021
6 month general operating support grants
Participatory youth grantmaking process
Grantees contribute to design of Phase 2 research and capacity building
Phase 2: Reinvest and Reimagine, May 2021 – April 2023
Multi-year general operating support grants
Participatory youth grantmaking process
Capacity building
Field building research
Funding Information

Phase 1) $20,000, November 2020 – April 2021, 6 months general operating support for 25 groups
Phase 2) May 2021 – April 2023, multi-year general operating support, amount TBD (organizations awarded in Phase 1 are eligible to apply for Phase 2 funding)
This is a competitive grant program, which means not all qualifying proposals will be funded.
Priority given to:

Organizations that are organizing young people of color – especially, but not limited to, Black-led and Black-membership groups
Organizations that center youth in leading collective action, planning, and decision-making for grassroots organizing in their community and make connections between local issues and broader systemic change
Organizations that build strategic alliances across identities or issue areas
Selection Priorities

Selection committee for Phase 1 will be composed of youth leaders and funders who are committed to building the field of youth organizing in Northern California.
Eligibility Criteria

501(c)(3) organizations that are organizing young people of color – particularly, Black-led and Black-membership groups most impacted by racial, economic, and social injustice – to lead grassroots campaigns in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties.
Organizations with fiscal sponsors are also welcome to apply but must provide a letter stating that they can receive funds if awarded and any required documents.
For more information, visit https://yocalifornia.org/norcalfund

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