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XPRIZE Visioneers 2018 – Design Challenge

XPRIZE Visioneers 2018 – Design Challenge (Win up to $100k in prizes)

Deadline: July 23, 2018

The XPRIZE Visioneers 2018 – Design Challenge is now open. Compete for a Chance to Win up to 100K by Designing and Pitching the next XPRIZE in 1 of the 5 Grand Challenge Areas.

Visioneering is your opportunity to design one of the next XPRIZEs. Rooted in their passion for harnessing the power of the global crowd to solve humanity’s Grandest Challenges, Visioneers serves as an anchor to the XPRIZE strategic approach in evolving and advancing the development of impactful prize designs.

This year, they are asking for your design concepts that can help solve a global need in one of five Grand Challenge Areas. The designers of the best concepts will work with experts at XPRIZE to further refine their concepts and develop them into the robust, incentivized competitions that take a global stage at their premier annual event, Visioneering 2018. Participants will be eligible to win prizes up to $100k in value.

Grand Challenge Areas

  • Energy of the Future, Sponsored by Kingo
  • Feeding the Next Billion, Co-sponsored by The Tony Robbins Foundation & the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR)
  • Lifting Farmers out of Poverty, Sponsored by Gagan Gupta
  • Natural Disaster Prediction, Sponsored by Fairfax Financial Holdings
  • Saving Coral Reefs, Sponsored by XPRIZE Ocean Initiative

Challenge Structure

Phase I: Ideation

  • Innovators must submit a high-level design concept within 1 of our 5 Grand Challenge Areas and film a 90-second video introducing themselves and pitching their prize design
  • Note: Teams or individuals are welcome to submit an entry. They encourage teams comprised of a research lead and a public speaking lead at a minimum, but team composition will not give one entry advantage over another during the Judging Phase.

Phase II: Hackathon

  • Up to 3 entries from each Grand Challenge Area will be chosen to advance to the next round. Here, up to 2 team members will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the XPRIZE Headquarters in Los Angeles, California to attend our Hackathon.
  • The Hackathon is designed to give teams an opportunity to refine their challenge concept into more robust designs. Teams will have the chance to learn the fundamentals of prize design from our experts, and then leverage that experience to refine their design concepts and pitch.
  • If your entry is chosen as a Finalist Prize Idea to advance to the Phase III Visioneers Summit, you will have the opportunity to advance onto the next phase and continue refining your concept with our team. Alternatively, if you choose, you may opt out at this phase and your concept can continue refinement with our team.

Phase III: Visioneers Summit

  • 1 team from each Grand Challenge Area will be chosen to advance to the final round, the Visioneers Summit. Again, 2 team members will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the Los Angeles, California to attend the live Summit alongside the notable XPRIZE ecosystem.


  • Phase I: 3 Semi-Finalists per Grand Challenge Area will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles, California to attend the Design Hackathon hosted August 10th – 12th, 2018 at the XPRIZE Headquarters in Culver City, CA. If you move forward to Phase II, you will be invited to attend an all-day training on Monday August 13th in XPRIZE’s offices.
  • Phase II: up to $25,000 total, $5,000 per Grand Challenge Area. At the conclusion of the Design Hackathon, 1 Finalist per Grand Challenge Area will receive $5,000 cash and an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles, California to attend the 2018 Visioneers Summit hosted October 18th- 21st, 2018 at the Terranea Resort.
  • Phase III: up to $25,000.  At the conclusion of the 2018 Visioneers Summit, 1 Grand Challenge Area will be recognized as the 2018 XPRIZE “Design of the Year” and team members will be awarded $25,000 cash.


  • All entries must be made in English
  • All submission form fields must be completed

Judging Criteria

  • Written Submission: 90%
  • Within the written submission, equal, one-third weights will be placed on each of the 3 main evaluation criteria:
    • Is this a great XPRIZE?
    • Will this prize make tremendous impact?
    • Does this prize have a high likelihood to launch?
  • Video Submission: 10%
  • For the video submission, you will be evaluated on how clearly and succinctly you are able to explain your prize design in an “elevator” pitch, with weight also given to the team’s ability to catalyze a support ecosystem around the prize.


Early Submission:

  • The first 10 eligible submissions received per Grand Challenge Area and before June 15th, 2018 will receive written feedback from the XPRIZE team about how to improve your submission.
  • Additionally, you will have the opportunity to resubmit your improved Challenge Concept by the official July 23rd Submission
  • Deadline. Entries are being reviewed weekly on a rolling basis, so get started today!

How to Participate:

  1. Click “Accept Challenge” above to register for the competition
  2. Form a team or submit a design as an individual
  3. Watch the Sponsor Intent Videos and choose from one of the 5 Grand Challenge Areas
    (Energy of the Future, Feeding the Next Billion, Natural Disaster Prediction, Lifting Farmers out of Poverty, and Saving Coral Reefs)
  4. Watch Training Videos to help you design the next XPRIZE
  5. Create an account and contribute to the Wiki to share your expertise
  6. Record Your Pitch and Submit your design by July 23rd!

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