World Vision International recruits 01 Sponsorship Business Systems Assistant

World Vision International recruits 01 Sponsorship Business Systems Assistant

World Vision International

Humanitaire (ONG, Associations, …), Projet/programme de développement

Job Description
Sponsorship Business Systems Assistant    17807-11N26066
Africa BurundiBujumburaSponsorshipFixed term, Full-time27-Dec-20International Role – No – Only National applicants will be considered.1-2 Years
PURPOSE OF POSITIONRevitalize child sponsorship within assigned APs by ensuring quality services and effectiveness through ongoing staff and volunteer’s capacity building, monitoring of assigned APs performance in sponsorship for sustained well- being of children and sponsor transformation. The functional scope of the sponsorship data Analyst includes ensuring high quality of the sponsorship communications, sponsor services and business processes that support end-to-end excellence in the child sponsorship experience.


% TimeMajor ActivitiesEnd Results Expected
20%Contribute to community and partners engagement with child sponsorshipCommunities and partners own sponsorship activities for greater impact and sustainability
Participate in new partners Identification and assess potential partners for child sponsorship;Work with the AP team to contextualize sponsorship messages and prepare a communication plan for partners, community members, families and children.Facilitate process to introduce sponsorship to partners, community groups and children;Train partners in key aspects of messaging, the recruitment of children, monitoring and other responsibilities;Collaborate with CESP TPO to monitor and manage ongoing community understanding and ownership of child sponsorship and design plans for continuous education and increased ownership over timeActively participate in the Program (re)design, implementation and evaluation to contribute to sponsorship integration in the whole program life cycle;Involve partners and community groups in defining and adapting child selection criteria focusing on the most vulnerableSupport partners to design and engage in a community awareness process for sponsorship and child selection criteria in ways that promote community ownership and include focus on vulnerable children;Collaborate with the AP team to design a child registration plan with partners which ensures transparency and participation in ways that are fun and meaningful for children;In collaboration with CCDFs, conduct child registration in accordance with SO & NO plan; ensure quality review of collected data and their timely submission;Monitor and support partners and volunteers in meeting sponsorship requirements efficiently and effectively.
45%Facilitate ongoing child sponsorship activities implementation to meet operational requirements and supporter expectationsSponsorship performance in all KPIs is consistently green with high quality products and contribute to the National and global sustainable funding initiative
Work with children, families and community to help them understand the importance of collecting authentic, heart-warming and inspiring storiesDevelop a plan for capturing stories which meet quality rich media content standardsConduct quality assurance for all the child and community sponsorship 2.0 products before submissionEnsure quality and timely submission of all the required sponsor engagement productsAnalyse risks and challenges to sponsorship operations within the assigned APs and collaborate with the CESP TPO and APs supervisors to develop appropriate strategies to ensure sponsorship effectiveness in each phase of the programme;Prepare for Sponsorship Operations Audit and other accountability review processes for assigned APs and ensure implementation of recommendations;Ensure that child monitoring, planning, analysis and reporting take place within the partnership timeline.In collaboration with CESP TPO, support partners in designing approaches to meet sponsorship requirements that promote children’s skills and the outcomes of the partners or projects.Assist partners to design innovative communications to sponsors that promote children’s skills and reflect their participation in development.Ensure quality and timely communication between registered children (Timely and quality submission of ILs, SLs, GALs, APRs, Christmas cards) to maintain the assigned APs in green;Participate in monitoring the performance of assigned APs against sponsorship standards, take corrective actions and share sponsorship monthly management report with the CESP TPO and AP Supervisors with copy the National Office Sponsorship Lead;Coordinate and manage RC supply ensuring that commitments are met as per the NO & SO plans;In collaboration with the CESP TPO and AP team ,elaborate an annual APs integrated activity plan;Implement GC sponsorship initiatives and pilots and document lessons learned
30%Staff and partners receive required support to use effectively Horizon Mobile to manage sponsorshipStaff and partners are well informed on Horizon Mobile applications and contribute to the sustained sponsorship performance
3.1 Provide orientation and coaching to staff and volunteers in assigned APs on how to operate all dashboard functionality to identify current tasks;3.2 Interpret and share at a weekly basis the dashboard information to all AP team and Volunteers for action;Manage date-driven correspondence (such as Greeting Card & APR), system driven (IL), manual entry (mail, query).Scan barcode, enter details of incoming mail, identify new and prioritise daily tasks.Orient staff and volunteers on the photos and videos taking techniques and select those for use which address the media quality guidance.Train staff and volunteers to manage and produce Child and Community Content that meets requirements in the media quality guidance;Ensure sponsorship data is updated in SSUI and data used by APs team to inform programming regularly;Upload rich media to SSUIMonitor if all essential functions of the Mobile devices assigned to Volunteers operate correctly;Manage all Mobile Device Management (MDM) to update/install or uninstall Horizon mobile application as required when there is a version upgrade;Coordinate Synchronization of all Horizon modules for all Volunteers mobiles as required according to the data collection task (activity monitoring, child monitoring, Rich Media, GIS and WBS).Raise Volunteers ‘awareness on how to take care of the devices to ensure they remain in good working condition.Ensure all Volunteer Profiles are available in the PC version to allow volunteers’ user access to the Horizon mobile application.Ensure volunteers are aware of and can use latest mobile device app upgrades and tools.Ensure volunteers are aware of relevant WV business processes and rules related to their data collection task (activity monitoring, child monitoring, Rich Media, GIS and WBS).
5%Manage Sponsorship in Emergency ContextAll RC case Management are handled and reported in accordance with NO and partnership guidance
Report timely any child/RC incident, security issue according to standards;Work with CESP TPO to ensure RC in fragile communities are regularly monitored and support is timely availed for any emergency affecting their well being;Collaborate with the NO and AP team to put in place strong safeguarding mechanisms for all RCs living in fragile context;Prepare and submit to CESP TPO an interim Sponsorship Situation Report within the standard time;Provide periodical updates to the NOs until end of Emergency;Ensure NO guidance in regards to Sponsorship Management in the changed context is well understood and applied by all staff and partners

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES-Bachelor University degree in computer science or statistics
-At least 1 year of experience in data management, data analysis and reporting
-Experience in data collection with Smartphone

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:-Proven IT knowledge, skills and experience in database management.
-Critical thinking/Analysis, questioning, self-drive and innovative;
-Problems solving capabilities
-A team player and team builder.
-Ability to give attention to details.
-Must be a committed Christian.
-Ability and willingness to work for longer hours, when the situation so demands.
-Must have good interpersonal communication skills.
-Work under minimum supervision

How to apply:Should you wish to apply for this position, please go to http://careers.wvi.org/job-opportunities-in-burundi. If this is your first time applying online via the World Vision International careers website, you will need to register an account along with your application details. This site will provide you with additional functionality, such as saved searches and email alerts. Registration requires minimal information to create your account. Further details will be collected during the application process. All applicants must apply using our online application system, CVs received via email or standard post will NOT be considered.

In case you face challenges applying through the online system, please call HR department for support. The closing date for submission of applications (Updated and signed CV, motivation letter, Certified Degrees) is December 27, 2020. No late applications will be accepted.
Important Note:-World Vision Burundi does neither use employment agencies nor does it charge money for recruitment, interviews or medical checks.
-As a child focused organization, World Vision is committed to the protection of children and does not employ staff whose background is not suitable for working with children.
-Although all applications will be considered on their individual merit, suitably qualified women are especially encouraged to apply.

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