World Food Programme recruits 01 Communications Assistant- Visual Content

World Food Programme recruits 01 Communications Assistant- Visual Content

World Food Programme

Cairo, Egypte
Humanitaire (ONG, Associations, …), Projet/programme de développement

Opportunités de carrière : Communications Assistant- Visual Content SC,L5 (141089) WFP seeks candidates of the highest integrity and professionalism who share our humanitarian principles.
Selection of staff is made on a competitive basis, and we are committed to promoting diversity and gender balance.
ABOUT WFPWFP seeks candidates of the highest integrity and professionalism who share our humanitarian principles.
Selection of staff is made on a competitive basis, and we are committed to promoting diversity and gender balance.
The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) assume a substantial role for public sector business and its ability to make a major contribution towards their achievement.  The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development gives business a significant role to play in efforts to achieve the SDGs, based on their ability to invest and innovate in a sustainable way. Achieving the SDGs requires collective action, shared responsibility and financing from multiple sources, especially of the public sector financial institutions.
To achieve the ambitious plan of sustaining all the strategic interventions of Egypt’s WFP CO, the public-sector contribution should improve and strengthens long-term partnerships with financial institutions, companies, foundations and high-net worth individuals. This includes leveraging the capacities of this segment to build long lasting partnerships that goes beyond resources but expands to leaving a mark to future development visions of the country.
Make a difference the world will notice.
We are driven by our mission to fight world hunger and feed people’s dreams of a brighter future.
Build bridges that unite people across the world.
Being part of a global, diverse and multicultural community like WFP, will continuously expose you to new ideas and perspectives.
How we deliver our mission in deep respect for personal and cultural differences and close collaboration between every member of our global team, will certainly enrich your experience and knowledge on so many levels
UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIESUnlock possibilities you never thought you’d find.
WFP goes anywhere it is needed and does whatever it takes to get the job done.
Reach beyond yourself and discover your true potential.
WFP offers the kind of life-changing experiences you’re unlikely find in many other organizations.
Join us to make a difference
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STANDARD MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONSEducation : Completion of University degree in Communications, Design, Journalism, International Relations, Public Relations or other relevant field.
Experience : At least 5 years of experience in a similar position
Languages : Excellent spoken and written English and Arabic
ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXTThese jobs are found in Headquarters (HQ), Regional Bureaux (RBs) and Country Offices (COs), and report to a Communications Officer or the designate.Job holders at this level take responsibility for completion of a range of communications processes and activities requiring some interpretation of standard guidelines/practices.
JOB PURPOSETo perform general administrative and some specialized communications processes that support the creation of communications content and the delivery of communications services aimed at maintaining and enhancing WFP’s visibility and reputation and supporting fundraising activities.
KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-inclusive)The Communications unit is a support unit in WFP that works closely with all other units, candidate must be a team player with a flexible accommodating nature to interact with the different units.
1. Provide coordination, administrative and specialised services, to support staff in the development, preparation and execution of communications campaigns for target audiences.
2. Conduct Filed visits to gather photographic and video content
3. Conduct interviews with people in the field as part of the content development process
4. Draft storyboards and scripts for the videos produced by the Communications Unit
5. Edit video material taken from the field using the different soft wares for a final video to be shared on social media or to be shown at WFP’s public events
6. Design flyers, brochures, roll ups and other print material
7.  Assist in developing branding material for the different operations of WFP in Egypt
8.  Create content for social media platforms such as short videos, Facebook posts…etc.
9.  Acting as the web editor for the WFP Egypt country page on WFP’s internal website
10. Maintain an up to date photo library and regularly feeding into the photo library of WFP’s headquarters.
Additional Responsibilities11. Assist the Communications unit in organizing visibility events by developing material needed for these events such as videos, banners, roll ups…etc. and providing coverage for these events (photographic and video)
12. Work as part of the Communications team on different campaigns, projects and initiatives
13.  Respond to a variety of queries and requests for support, following standard processes, and obtaining guidance as required, to ensure timely and accurate resolution of all enquiries
4Ps CORE ORGANISATIONAL CAPABILITIESPurpose • Understand and communicate the Strategic Objectives: Helps teammates articulate WFP’s Strategic Objectives. • Be a force for positive change: Suggests potential improvements to team’s work processes to supervisor. • Make the mission inspiring to our team: Explains the impact of WFP activities in beneficiary communities to teammates. • Make our mission visible in everyday actions: Articulates how own unit’s responsibilities will serve WFP’s mission.
People • Look for ways to strengthen people’s skills: Trains junior teammates on new skills and capabilities. • Create an inclusive culture: Seeks opportunities to work with people from different backgrounds. • Be a coach & provide constructive feedback: Serves as a peer coach for colleagues in same area of work. • Create an “I will”/”We will” spirit: Tracks progress toward goals and shares this information on a regular basis with supervisor.
Performance • Encourage innovation & creative solutions: Explores ways to consistently be more efficient and accurate in own areas of work and shares new methods of work with colleagues. • Focus on getting results: Focuses on getting results and tracks trends in completion rates for own tasks to identify opportunities for efficiency. • Make commitments and make good on commitments: Takes responsibility for own tasks and notifies supervisor as soon as possible of potential delays in meeting deadlines or commitments. • Be Decisive: Independently decides what action to take when faced with critical choices in the workplace or in dangerous situations in the field.
Partnership • Connect and share across WFP units: Suggests opportunities for partnering with other units to supervisor. • Build strong external partnerships: Identifies opportunities to work with colleagues and partners in the field towards common goals. • Be politically agile & adaptable: Develops an understanding of the value of WFP’s teams and external partners in fulfilling team’s goals and objectives. • Be clear about the value WFP brings to partnerships: Aligns own activities with supervisor’s priorities to fulfill internal and external partner needs. FUNCTIONAL CAPABILITIESCapability Name Description of the behaviour expected for the proficiency levelMedia and Influencer Relationship Management Demonstrates ability to respond to and/or escalate needs of media and influencers within own scope of responsibility to raise the profile of WFP, build relationships and further organisational aims.Media and Communication Expertise Collates accurate and timely information presented in required format (i.e. written or visual materials) as well as verbally, to enable information flows and informed decision making on communications issues.Specialised Knowledge in Communications Exhibits specalised technical knowledge of communications channels processes, tools and techniques. In immediate area of responsibility, provides support in developing written, visual, audio and multi-media content for communications materials and suggestions for improved communications processes.Sociopolitical Contextual Understanding Shows awareness of the multilateral/interagency environment and the dynamics in which WFP operates which informs approach to daily tasks.Communication Strategy and Planning Demonstrates sound understanding of WFP communications strategy and effectively implements tailored media and communications plans which support the delivery of the strategy.
DESIRED EXPERIENCES FOR ENTRY INTO THE ROLE • Has demonstrated an ability to perform routine communication techniques and activities    in line with WFPs operating standards through day to day work • Has supported in providing ad-hoc guidance to new staff members • Has demonstrated strong English and Arabic speaking and writing skills
TERMS AND CONDITIONSThis is a oe year contract, extension will be based on fund availabilty and satisfactory performance.
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONSDeadline for submitting the online application will be on the 24TH  of March 2021
Female applicants and qualified applicants from developing countries are especially encouraged to apply
WFP has zero tolerance for discrimination and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status.
No appointment under any kind of contract will be offered to members of the UN Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ), International Civil Service Commission (ICSC), FAO Finance Committee, WFP External Auditor, WFP Audit Committee, Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) and other similar bodies within the United Nations system with oversight responsibilities over WFP, both during their service and within three years of ceasing that service.POSTULER

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