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World Data Visualization Prize Now Open

World Data Visualization Prize Now Open

Deadline: 30-Jan-23

Submissions are now being accepted for the World Data Visualization Prize administered by World Government Summit in partnership with Information is beautiful.

Welcome to this $50,000 global creative data challenge. They supply the datasets and themes. You provide creative, intuitive data-visualizations that tell a story or reveal something interesting about the data.

The winning works will receive cash prizes, international press coverage, and the chance to have their work exhibited to world leaders at the World Government Summit in February 2023.

  • Championing the power of data-visualization to inspire new ways of thinking and seeing the world.
  • This year’s prize focuses on the past, present and future. How well has the world progressed and improved in recent years? Where do they stand right now and how could they measure that? And what factors and drivers might shape society, government and citizens of the future?

Choose one or visualize all three of the following competition concepts and datasets.

  • What Just Happened?
    • What’s improved? What’s broken through? What’s gone supernova? Charting their development across many different metrics over a 10 year period to highlight the successes – and the bottlenecks.
  • Dashboard of the Present Future
    • Governments need to see how well they, their nation and their populace are doing – from a data-perspective. Design them a data display for this purpose. How might it look, feel and function. Which metrics are primary?
  • The Future of Frontiers
    • What factors and drivers might shape the society, government and citizens of the future? Tracking and visualising their progress and predictions for innovation in adaptation, future governance, public services, and social technology.
Prize Details
  • $25,000: Grand Prize Winner
  • $7,500: Interactive, Winner
  • $5,000: Interactive, Runner-up
  • $2,500: Interactive, Third Place
  • $5,000: Poster, Winner
  • $3,000: Poster, Runner-up
  • $1,000: Poster, Third Place
  • $1,000: Poster, Fourth Place
Eligibility Criteria
  • The competition is open to anyone interested in design, data-analytics, and visual story-telling. Maybe you’re a designer, a developer, a creative professional, an analytics ninja, solo practitioner or a team – all are welcome to take part.
  • Entries can be expressed and submitted in different forms:
    • Interactive: A multi-view dynamic visualization allowing them to filter, play, and otherwise explore the data and information
    • Poster/Chart: A single static graphic that highlights a pattern, trend or connection in the data or somehow – incredibly – visualizes it all!

For more information, visit World Government Summit.

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