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Workshop: Eurasia in a Geopolitical Globalised World

Workshop: Eurasia in a Geopolitical Globalised World

Deadline: 05-Jun-2024

The OSCE Academy invites applications for Workshop, Eurasia in a Geopolitical Globalised World, to help participants understand international order in the face of the tension between globalization and geopolitics.

The end of the Cold War was heralded by many scholars and policy-makers as the beginning of a new international order, in which the logic of power politics and spheres of influence would give way to the shared interests generated by the increasingly intensive and extensive flows of ideas, capital, goods, and services in a globalised world. The need to control and extend influence over territory was a remnant of the nineteenth century and not consonant with a world where markets could deliver the same rewards with fewer costs and positive sum results for all. There is an increasing tension between wanting to be part of an open global economy and the desire to control territory that charatcerise today’s international system, and no more so than Eurasia. International relations and policy-makers are trying to make sense of how to understand a world that has both extensive supply chains and increasing economic nationalism; one with transnational flows of capital, goods, ideas, and even people but also calls to close borders.

Eurasia has always been at the centre of discussions about what kind of international system they have. It wants to explore different issues and challenges where the tension might be more evident. These range from climate change, energy security, food, water, and the managing of borders. The workshop will focus on the policy questions that are raised and some possible scenarios for what they may mean for.

  • The workshop will explore the different ways in which one can understand the rapidly changing international system. It will do this by looking at a range of cases in Eurasia, and more specifically Central Asia, as well as a range of topics. These can include the following topics:
    • Geopolitics of Energy and the Environment in a globalised geopolitical world
    • Geopolitics of Democracy and Human Rights in a globalised geopolitical world
    • The Geopolitics of Water
    • Geopolitics and Security Governance in a globalised geopolitical world
    • Regional integration and geopolitics
    • The Geopolitics of borders in a globalised geopolitical world
Cost Covered
  • Free of charge. Travel, accommodation, and meals are covered by the organizers.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Be citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Also citizens of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan but only those residing in Kyrgyzstan can apply.
  • Completed BA or MA degree in Social Sciences or other related fields;
  • Junior and mid-level professionals from international organization, international non-governmental (non-profit) organization, or governmental and public institutions;
  • Researchers, activists, and experts are also eligible to apply;
  • Be fluent in English

For more information, visit OSCE Academy.

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