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‘Working Together Staying Strong’ Funding Program for Support Services

‘Working Together Staying Strong’ Funding Program for Support Services

Deadline: 30-Sep-20

The Central Coast Council has announced the Working Together Staying Strong Funding Support Program aims to assist community groups and organizations to deliver critical support services to vulnerable and at-risk groups in response to the COVID -19 pandemic.

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This program has been developed in response to the increased local demand for critical support services due to the COVID-19 situation. Funding is being redirected from programs that cant be undertaken due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The Central Coast Region has already seen increased unemployment, social isolation, financial pressure, domestic violence, rough sleeping, and the risk of people becoming homeless since the pandemic began. Service providers need practical assistance now to support the increased number of people in need, and to do it in a safe way.

Funding Information

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You can apply for Working Together Staying Strong funding between $1,000 to $10,000 in combined funding and in-kind Council services.
Type of Activities

Working Together Staying Strong program is designed to assist service providers who are supporting vulnerable people. Projects that directly support physical health and mental well-being, social connection, and safety of vulnerable and at-risk groups will be considered.

For example, this could include things like:

Deadline Free Grants
Food hamper preparation and delivery
Swags for rough sleepers
Mental health support
Counseling services
Organizational volunteer support
Helping people get around (e.g. transport support)
Small equipment purchases (e.g. to facilitate education, telehealth, etc.)
Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for Working Together Staying Strong must be a legally constituted not-for-profit organization or be auspiced by a legally constituted not-for-profit organization, and facing a demonstrated increased demand and/or operational difficulties due to COVID-19.
Applicants must be based and operate within the Central Coast Local Government Area (LGA) and the proposed activity must be undertaken in the Central Coast LGA and benefit residents of the Central Coast.
Applicants must meet the grant program eligibility criteria and address the program outcome.
For more information, visit https://www.centralcoast.nsw.gov.au/residents/support-programs/grants-and-sponsorships/working-together-staying-strong

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