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Women in Loud Program: Promoting Political Participation in Paraguay

Women in Loud Program: Promoting Political Participation in Paraguay

Deadline: 6-Dec-20

In the framework of the program “Women in Loud Voice: Promoting Political Participation” MAV, the Fondo de Mujeres del Sur (FMS) invites you to participate in this open call to submit proposals to groups and organizations of base composed and led by indigenous women, peasants and marginalized urban sectors of Paraguay.

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This call seeks to provide financial support and technical-political support to grassroots organizations that seek to enhance their collective political leadership capacities, increase their participation in decision-making, and strengthen dialogue with the authorities, to thus influence the development of public and legislative policies that guarantee the expansion and full exercise of your rights in Paraguay.

Funding Information

They may request a donation for a maximum of 3,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to approximately 20,800,000 guaraníes. The amount of the final financial support will be fixed according to the management capacity of each organization.
They must present projects with a duration of up to 7 months (January 2020 to July 2021).
Geographic Coverage

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Proposals from grassroots organizations of women located and working in Paraguay will be financed.
Eligibility Criteria

Women’s grassroots organizations that have a participation agenda are invited to apply. Policy, and make important contributions to advance the rights and empowerment of women at the local level. This includes emerging organizations, community groups, and networks. I know prioritize organizations that have difficulties accessing financial resources for the strengthening your actions.
Grassroots Organizations: those whose annual budget is less than 20,000 are considered American dollars.
Legal Status: It is not necessary for them to have legal status.
Leadership and Composition: Integradas and led by women.
Project and Budget: They must present a relevant project proposal and a consistent budget.
Only one application per organization will be accepted. Those proposals that demonstrate a strong commitment to work, incorporate the active participation and agendas of women in a situation of political, economic, ethnic, racial, social, cultural and territorial exclusion. This can include but are not limited to organizations: campesinas; natives; black / afro-descendant; rural; women from marginalized urban areas; migrants; workers in precarious sectors (domestic, sewing, garbage collection, others); women with disabilities; women living with HIV / AIDS and / other Sexually Transmitted Diseases; young women; LBTQ + population, among others.
For more information, visit https://www.mujeresdelsur.org/convocatorias/

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