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Wolfson Foundation offers Funding for Charities Working in Mental Health (UK)

Wolfson Foundation offers Funding for Charities Working in Mental Health (UK)

Deadline: 5-Jan-23

The Wolfson Foundation is offering grants to Charities Working in Mental Health.

The Foundation award grants towards capital projects, with an emphasis on projects which focus on training, employment and supported housing.


Your project should be for a new building, refurbishment work or equipment that leads to at least one of the following aims:

  • Increased access to services for new and existing users
  • Improved quality and range of services
  • Improved financial stability of the organisation.
Funding Information
  • Minimum grant amount: £15,000
  • Usual grant range: £20,000 – £75,000
  • Match funding required: Yes, if project cost is >£50,000
What they don’t fund?
  • There are specific projects and costs which are not eligible for funding from this programme:
    • Charities where support for people with mental health problems or disabilities is only a minor part of the services provided
    • Support and therapy centres (e.g. cancer support centres, MS therapy centres)
    • Facilities or equipment in hospitals, particularly where it relates to clinical care
    • Carers’ organisations
    • Respite accommodation and services
    • Ex-armed forces charities, unless they are specifically serving people with physical disabilities or mental health problems
    • Projects seeking funding for sports, leisure, arts or music facilities.
  • They also do not fund:
    • Purchase of land or existing buildings (including a building’s freehold)
    • Grants direct to individuals
    • Grants through conduit organisations
    • Overheads, maintenance costs and VAT
    • Non-specific appeals (including circulars) and endowment funds
    • Costs of meetings, exhibitions, concerts, expeditions, conferences, lectures, etc.
    • Salary costs
    • Running costs, including vehicle fuel and maintenance
    • Film, websites or promotional materials
    • Repayment of loans
    • Projects that have already been completed or will be by the time of award.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Who can apply: Registered or exempt charity (or equivalent)
  • Location of applicant and project: UK only
  • Funding covers: New build, refurbishment and equipment
  • Your organisation should:
    • be a registered charity or a local authority
    • if applicable, have at least a ‘Good’ rating from a regulator such as CQC or Ofsted.

For more information, visit https://www.wolfson.org.uk/funding/funding-for-places/funding-for-charities-working-in-mental-health/

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