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Volt Language and Culture Programme

Volt Language and Culture Programme

Deadline: 28-Apr-22

The Nordic Culture Point is seeking applications for Volt Language and Culture Programme for children and young people up to the age of 25.

The programme supports projects that raise interest in art, culture, and languages in other Nordic countries and areas.

Funding Information
Project funding from Volt ranges from €7,000 to €70,000. A sum of €7,000 can be granted without other funding. For higher applied amounts, funding from Volt may account for a maximum of 70% of the project’s costs. At least 30% of the entire project must be covered by other funding, which may consist of support from other sources, volunteer work or the organiser’s own resources (known as funding in kind).
Total funding from Volt and other joint Nordic organisations such as the Nordic Culture Fund or NordPlus must not exceed 85% of the project’s total budget.
What can you apply for funding for?
You can apply for funding from Volt for projects relating to the cultural and artistic creativity of children and young people. Funding may be granted for all areas of the arts, including film, literature, the performing arts, the visual arts, and cultural heritage, provided that the application criteria are met. The project must be conducted in collaboration with participants from at least three Nordic countries, which includes Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and Åland.
Projects can include:
the production of works or other initiatives featuring creative content
the introduction of an exchange or long-term co-operation for the target group (those up to the age of 25 in the Nordic Region)
activities that create dialogue, discussion, or debate around the Nordic languages, art, and culture
Funding will not be granted for:
sports activities
study trips or teaching scholarships
scout activities
political activities
commercial projects or commercial activities intended to generate a financial profit
projects completed or commenced before a decision is made regarding funding and subsequently sent to the applicant The earliest start date for activities funded by the programme is six weeks after the application deadline.
Eligibility Criteria
Eligible applicants are:
organisations, associations, and institutions
If you are a minor, you can present your idea for a project to an association or organisation, or you can find an adult who can help you to manage the project.
To be granted funding from Volt, the project must be conducted in collaboration with participants from at least three Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, or Åland). Projects can be implemented in one or more of these countries. Although projects are welcome to have partners that don’t live in the Nordic Region, the programme will not cover their costs. The applicant must be resident in the Nordic Region but does not require Nordic citizenship.
Applicants do not need to belong to the target group themselves but should have experience of working with children and young people.
For more information, visit https://www.nordiskkulturkontakt.org/en/grants/about-the-grant-programmes/volt/

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