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Verizon Media Community Benefit Fund for Niagara County in the US

Verizon Media Community Benefit Fund for Niagara County in the US

Deadline: 15-Oct-21

Applications are now open for the Verizon Media Community Benefit Fund for Niagara County.

Focus Areas

Implement Smart Growth: The fund seeks to build on existing assets, reverse the effects of sprawl on the county, and build more cost-effective, sustainable development.
Foster a Culture of Entrepreneurship: The fund seeks to help grow new start-ups and retain and expand existing business in the county by leveraging the region’s research and industry strengths and building a stronger ecosystem to support entrepreneurs.
Prepare their Workforce: The fund seeks to build a stronger workforce pipeline in higher-paying, in-demand industries
Funding Information

Approximately $230,000 will be available annually through the Fund. Priority will be given to projects that have matching funds from sources other than other public funds.
Eligibility Criteria


Applicants must be located in or provide services to Niagara County.
Not-for-profit corporations with Section 501(c)(3) status at the time of application as determined by the Internal Revenue Service are eligible to apply for funding. A not-forprofit corporation must be registered and up-to-date with filings with the New York State Office of the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau.
Applicants must demonstrate the development and financial management expertise to successfully develop, design, construct, manage and implement the project. This expertise is demonstrated through previous experience in successfully developing projects similar to the one proposed, either by partners or key staff within the business or organization.
Applicants must demonstrate ownership or site control of all real estate consideredpart of the proposed project. Although final acquisition costs may be considered as part of the proposal, applicant must show a clear intent and agreement to purchase such as a Purchase Option Agreement or comparable legal instrument.
Projects must be located in or provide services to Niagara County. Preference will be given to projects outside the Greater Lockport area (defined as the City of Lockport and Town of Lockport) because the Verizon Media Community Benefit Fund for Lockport focuses on these locations.

Funding cannot be used for:

An organization’s general operating expenses or working capital related to a capital project;
Religious purposes or improvements to structures owned by religious or private membership-based organizations;
Political or lobbying activities;
Activities that have occurred prior to the start of the grant period.
For more information, visit https://www.cfgb.org/nonprofits/grants/verizonmedia-community-benefit-fund-niagara/

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