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Vaccination Journalism” Course for Journalists in Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan or Armenia

Vaccination Journalism” Course for Journalists in Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan or Armenia

Deadline: 7 February 2020

Thomson Reuters Foundation is seeking applications for its program entitled “Vaccination Journalism”.

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The Thomson Reuters Foundation, together with the Sabine Vaccine Institute, a nonprofit organization that promotes access to and use of vaccines worldwide, is conducting a three-day workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia, for journalists from Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The seminar, taught in English and Russian, provides a unique opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge from experienced Reuters journalists, researchers and healthcare professionals. Particular attention will be paid to the creation of effective, accurate and relevant materials with high potential for the distribution of participating journalists in the current media.

The state of public health directly affects social and economic development, therefore awareness of health issues and their protection is an investment in future. It saves lives. It is well known that vaccination plays a large role in reducing the incidence rate worldwide, from the control of smallpox to a significant reduction in child mortality. Vaccinations save up to 3 million lives each year.

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However, in a media age dominated by fabricated materials and conspiracy theories, the issue of safe vaccination has been the focus of attention along with a growing number of advocates of anti-vaccination movements.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must be journalists working in Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan or Armenia.
If candidates are not full-time employees, they must show that they have significant experience as a freelancer, including recent publications in customer organizations.
Candidates must show a commitment to the career of a journalist in their country, have at least two years of experience in the profession, and have good command of spoken and written Russian and English.
At the end of the course, mentoring will be offered to individual participants. All students will receive participation certificates from the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the Sabine Vaccine Institute.
Participants and experts will discuss the role of vaccines in healthcare, new topical issues, as well as the responsibility of the media in disseminating information, raising awareness and protecting against inaccurate information from anti-vaccination movements.
For more information, visit https://tmsnrt.rs/3aGQ2Np

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